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Immeasurable Chicken and Waffles, Union Square

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A few months ago, a Baltimore gospel singing trio named Immeasurable opened Immeasurable Chicken & Waffle on the west side of town.

I've been three times now- the first time, I had the Immeasurable Waffle Supreme, which was a fantastic waffle topped with sliced of skinless chicken breast and a really good chicken gravy. The waffle wss made perfectly- firm on the outside, soft inside, and the flavor was slightly sweet. It went well with the gravy- I was less a fan of plain grilled chicken breast.

On my second trip, I had the fried chicken & waffle dish. This came with 3 fried chicken wings and again, the delicious waffle. I liked the wings, but I do prefer my fried chicken & waffles with more substantial pieces of chicken, so on my third trip, I asked if they could give me different parts. They offered a leg quarter that, while it would take a little longer to fry, was well worth the wait. Their fried chicken recipe is pretty straightforward, but also delicious, and clearly they fry to order. On my last trip I tried the blueberry and banana nut waffles. I was not disappointed in their waffle even in other flavors.

I guess a slight word of caution, as this place sits in the west side, not sure if it's a place to go too late at night. On the last trip, one of the owners/singers in the trio came up to us and said that sometimes on Sunday mornings, they have impromptu concerts at the restaurant.


1700 W Pratt Street

Baltimore, MD 21223

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