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Katana, South Alexandria

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I had lunch today w/ a friend at Katana. Sushi is not something I crave, like Mexican or Thai food, I think sometimes it's too subtle for my aging palate, but this was perfect today. It's a small, nicely decorated restaurant, service was quite polished (when we arrived, we were the only patrons, the staff outnumbered us by a bit, it did fill up as lunch went on).

I had a Business Lunch #B-6 pcs. california roll, 3 pcs. special roll (I believe it was spicy tuna w/ crunch), 1 each-salmon, yellowtail, tuna, white tuna, eel, & shrimp nigiri sushi. The menu said it came w/ soup or salad, but we got both, miso soup was especially hot & appetizing. I think this is the first time I've understood why the term 'buttery' is frequently used to describe sushi-the fish was excellent, just the right size (I don't know alot about sushi, but I can appreciate good knife work). The rice was very good as well, not dry or moist, just right. The only thing I question is how did the California roll become so popular as a menu mainstay? I think next time, I'd like to try some a la carte sushi, but the lunch menu is a great deal at $9.95...

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