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Everyone is Welcome Here - From Novices to Industry Professionals

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(just seeing if you're paying attention)

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to say Welcome!, and to thank you for stopping by. Please click on "Register" and become a member - it's quick, it's easy, and it's free (and always will be). As a member, you'll be able to post, search topics, contact other members, attend fun events, make new friends - even get to try a piece of ventworm cake (click here)! There's really no reason not to register, so please do!

Please forgive my slowness in getting the topics populated with some of my older writings - I'm trying to get this forum up-and-running in my spare time, and it will be a couple more weeks before things are fully functional.

When other people begin posting I'll be moving my initial postings out and/or down into the threads, if for no other reason than because I don't want to see my name everywhere. I'm determined to use a light touch to moderate this forum, and wish to remain discrete and as behind-the-scenes as possible. Each and every individual here is more important to me than the site itself, and I hope you'll feel welcome in joining and nurturing a vibrant, dynamic community. It's not going to be about the food; it's going to be about people.


Nagging Denmother Stuff - When you register, our Membership Goddesses will send you an email to confirm the address. Please make sure to check the box that will allow us to email you! When you reply, please give her your full, real name (your information will remain private and not shared with anyone, ever), and then you'll be validated and ready-to-post. This is important: PLEASE MAKE SURE EMAIL FROM DONROCKWELL.COM DOESN'T GO IN YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Otherwise, the confirmation email will be lost forever, and you won't be able to confirm your membership. After a lot of thought, I decided not to make real names a requirement in posting, but having observed and learned from experience, anonymous criticism about restaurants (i.e., peoples livelihoods) will be gently discouraged, so if you don't use your real names in your postings, please be responsible in your writing. And please do consider using your real name, either as your username, or in your signature file. Industry professionals: please disclose your affiliations, if not in public, then at least in confidence to goldenticket or Pat. Thanks!

You may as well begin hating me now because I'm a Title Dictator. Please just assume that the titles of new threads might be reworded or changed, that posts may be moved to other, more appropriate topics, and that I'm a nitpicky little ninny that is fully worthy of your scorn, wrath and condemnation. However, your postings themselves are NOT going to be edited without your express permission - they are your intellectual property, and by posting, you are giving us a copy for our unlimited and unrestricted use. In rare cases where a post must be deleted, it will be sent back to you so you can resubmit it. Why would I ever delete a post? Personal insults, copyright violations, excessive profanity without corresponding literary merit, or something so off-topic that it cannot possibly be of interest to the general readership. Please also note that "deleted" posts are not actually deleted; they're moved to a separate holding area and they can always be recovered. I consider deleting postings a big deal - sometimes it's necessary, but it's still a big deal, at least to me.

Click here, and you'll be registered less than one minute from now. It'll make me happy to have you here, so just do it! What sez you? smile.gif

And here's a link to the yearbook! -----> Click! <-----

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Hello folks,

I wrote the first post (scroll up) 15 years ago, and it still applies today.

This is a welcoming, *gently* moderated community that was created to honor my late wife, Member Number One. It is a community of compassion, charity, and intellect, and we need new members. Joining is free, easy, and private (your information will *never* be shared). Also, those annoying damned ads you see (which don't even pay for the monthly costs of running this website) will disappear once you're a member, and I'll never ask you for a penny.

We have a 15-year track record of integrity.

Please click on the "SIGN UP" button on the top-right, and our Membership Director (the indefatigable Pat) will confirm your membership within a few hours.

Also, please write me once you join - I'd like to "meet" you and welcome you to the community.

Kind regards,

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