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Reddy's BBQ Company, Gainsville

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I was heading off to Harrisonburg the other weekend when I caught a whiff of BBQ smoke from the side of the road. It was early and it appeared as though a BBQ stand had taken up shop at the old restaurant site that was between the battlefield and Gainesville.

Fast forward to this weekend as I was returning from another trip to Harrisonburg. Its almost dinner time and I figure I'd give it a try.

The verdict? It bears watching. And I will be making a return visit.

First off, avoid the sweet tea. I saw it being poured out of an Arizona Ice T jug. Not what I was looking for when buying sweet tea.

Second off, try the ribs. They are St. Louis cut and were some of the better ribs I have had in a while (This includes the Pit Stop out in Aldie). The rub they used was sweet and the ribs were still nice and moist.

I also tried the BBQ Pork and BBQ Beef Brisket sandwiches which both got mixed reviews. I thought they were only okay but my wife really liked them.

I did not try any of their sides. They were out of beans when I got there and I didn't feel like coleslaw.

You can view their menu at http://reddysbbqco.com/

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