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The Gorilla and The Wasp


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The Gorilla and The Wasp

“Help me!”

The voice shot out from behind the door.

“Somebody, please! HELP ME!”

They tried to open it, but it was locked. The cries inside continued.

“Help! Get it away from me!”

They quickly assembled a makeshift battering ram, and slammed it against the door, repeatedly – three times, five times... finally, with an enormous heave, the door gave way.

The man was jumping up and down inside, screaming for help. In the corner of the room, sitting in a chair, was a 450-pound silverback gorilla, sound asleep.

“Get it away from me!”

The marshal ordered the man to be quiet, and to move over to the other corner. The marshal removed his walkie-talkie from the holster.

Within minutes, fully two-dozen armed guards arrived, bursting into the room. There was a bazooka, a high-powered dart gun, air rifles, flat-bullet artillery. Within seconds, all volleys were fired, the gorilla opened his eyes, groaned, staggered up from the chair, and lurched forward toward his attackers, before falling to the ground.

The man in the corner, still in a panic, continued to scream.

“Shut up!” the marshal said, before turning around and ordering the flatbed to be brought into the room. It took almost ten people to hoist the gorilla onto the cart, and half that many to wheel him away.

As they began leaving the room, the man continued to scream. “PLEASE HELP!”

“He’ll be okay,” the marshal said. “Poor bastard’s been through quite a scare.”

They filed out, closed the door, and left the man behind still jumping up and down, screaming “GET IT OFF OF ME!”

They walked away, the man’s desperate cries for help now fading into the distance.

“Great job, men,” the marshal said. “That guy was in big, big trouble.”

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