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Haydee's, Mount Pleasant and Brightwood

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Is this appropriate? :)

The tree was a sycamore and did look a little sad, but that's what happens during a drought.

ETA And she bricked over the tree box. Where is the outrage! Is another table or two worth losing a tree?

I think not. :D

Unfortunately, the abuse of public space by businesses, almost exclusively restaurants, is a major factor in the sad decline of Adams Morgan. I can't tell you how many times restaurants violated statutes as well as neighborhood agreements for their own financial gain. They exist to this day, and no one, repeat no one on 18th St. or Columbia Rd. pays fair value for public space. The gov't. turns a blind eye, and, in the end, I guarantee that is what will happen here. Small fine, agreement to plant some trees elsewhere, and Jim Graham at the grand opening.

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