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Bergerac and Dordogne Wine


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My lucky little sister just returned from a summer in Europe, and brought back a load of pate/rillettes/etc from that region. She loved the wines and wants to find some to have with the edibles. A brief peek at the internet told me to stop looking and ask here for locally available suggestions. Thanks!

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Here's exactly what she has, if any super geeks want to get specific with a pairing.

Rillettes d'Oie (goose) -- viande d'oie, sel, poivre, Cognac

Grillons de Canard (duck) -- viande de canard, sel, poivre, Cognac

Terrine de Canard -- viande de canard, viande de porc, foie de volaille, oeufs, lait, Madere, sel, poivre

Terrine de Lascaux au foie de Porc (Lascaux is where this feast comes from) -- lard, foie de porc 30%, oeufs, lait, Cognac, sel, poivre

Terrine de Sanglier aux Chataignes -- gras et maigre de porc, viande de sanglier, chataignes, oeufs, lait, Madere, Cognac, sel, poivre, vin rouge, oignon, thym

Pate de Foie de Volaille -- viande de porc, foie de volaille 30%, oeufs, lait, oignons, Madere, sel, poivre

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