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Island Pride, Local Chain of Jamaican Restaurants

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Technically, the former Caribbean Feast in Rockville is now "Island Pride 3", third in a family-owned chain of restaurants located between Rockville and Wheaton. I haven't been to the two existing locations, but did have to find out what's become of one of my former haunts.

The menu hasn't really changed much, although some items like "ackee and saltfish" are available with greater frequency than before. And you can no longer the the sauces or the drinks that CF made in-house. While the menu remains, their execution has changed a bit, and enough that I have to knock the place down a tier in my book. Howard always paid greater attention to detail when he cooked these dishes, and the current kitchen seems to have lost that edge. The curried chicken looks about the same, but the spicing was duller on this visit. Creamed spinach had a good flavor, but was prepared somewhat wetter than before and slowly soaked its way into everything on the plate. And my beloved spicy meat patty may have tasted the same on the inside, but lost its formerly admirable pastry flakyness, and was merely warm instead of WARM. I'll try it again in the future, but it was never like this in its previous incarnation. Grumble.

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