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Regina's Restaurant

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Wanted to start a thread on this little gem in West Annapolis. This is really a local's spot. It's part sit down greasy spoon, part deli, part German restaurant. We go here pretty often for breakfast when we want just a normal breakfast. They do a decent amount of take-out orders too. Went this Saturday with my Mom. I had the sausage platter with a brautwurst, but subbed in hash browns for potato salad and added a fried egg since it was breakfast. The sausage was mild, but tasty with the sauerkraut, which really is good. I can't pinpoint exactly why I like it so much, I think it might be the addition of some pulled pork and pork jus that counterbalances the sourness. But it really is sauerkraut you want more and more of. Potatoes and fried egg were normal.

Mom had one of the specials, the pumpkin pancakes. I have eaten some very good pancakes- Pancake Pantry, Tallula's ricotta and cherry pancakes, blueberry and bluebucks. I really like pancakes. But these pancakes were phenomenal. I think it was the quantity of pumpkin in them. They were light not overly sweet, but just perfect. Really I would drive all the way back this weekend for another round of these. I ate almost a whole pancake because they were so good and I kept stealing bites.

Service is always a little hit or miss, you might have to flag down someone for more coffee, but it isn't a big place so that isn't hard. But it's just a small little joint, so long as you don't expect stellar service you won't be disappointed. Also of note are their Reubens.

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