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McLoone's Pier House, National Harbor

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Ok - so going to the Harbor to see ICE with mom in tow next weekend.. Our normally MO would be to eat lunch at restaurant lounge and have a glass of wine (or three) but I don't see that any of the nicer restaruants out there are open for lunch? Is there anyplace to get both a drink and a bowl of soup/sandwich/pasta or something?

Six of us stopped in at McLoone's Pier House. We had somewhat high hopes as we have been to several of their locations in NJ and have always been satisfied with our meals.

We visited the day after Christmas before attending the ICE show at the Gaylord. We arrived to a nearly empty restaurant at 5:30 pm - maybe 2 to 3 tables and by the time we left there was one table of two.

Everything was either mediocre or just tasteless. Soup was lukewarm. Wine overpriced. Service slow and inattentive. Took about 5 minutes to track down someone to get a soup spoon.

Save yourself the time and avoid this place except for maybe a drink at the bar during the summer.

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