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Bismar(c)k, ND

The Hersch

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it was Bismark, North Dakota, Holiday Inn level for both food and service.

You know, I don't know why this was important to me, but having read this comment I had to know if there is a Holiday Inn in Bismark, North Dakota, and what sort of dining experience might be on offer there. It turns out there is only a Holiday Inn Express, and the only food they purvey is at their Express Start Breakfast Bar. Their website does helpfully direct you to the Applebees and Red Lobster nearby for your other dining needs, and to a place called Space Aliens, for reasons unknown to me, which appears to be a small chain of crappy restaurants with either six or seven locations (depending on which page of their website you're viewing) in North Dakota and Minnesota. I should note that they have a Rib Riot on Wednesdays and a Pizza Panic on Thursdays.

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It seems you missed Mahi Mayhem on Mondays, Taco Trauma on Tuesdays, Fish-Fry Frenzy on Fridays, and Sushi Sadness on Saturdays.

On Sundays they rest.

The good folks who have become the butt of jokes here live in Bismarck ND, not Bismark, as in Otto von Bismarck. I guess they liked the autocratic chancellor of the Second Reich.

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Bismarck benchmark: http://www.peacock-alley.com/

This place isn't cheap:

"Horseradish Crusted Beef Tenderloin ~ Our 8 oz tenderloin is rolled in a horseradish breading then pan fried to desired temperature and covered in a garlic and feta sauce 39 ala carte 34"

Appetizer: "Freier Stix ~ Our own handmade deep fried tomato and basil tortilla stuffed with Italian sausage, beef, provolone and Italian spices rolled in fresh parmesan 11"

+ five other "deep fried" appetizers...

Most desserts are $9

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