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Hsian Foong Chicken & Broccoli


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I dearly miss the house dish Hsian Foong Chicken, from Hsian Foong Chinese restaurant in Arlington, which I grew up eating. They closed in the 90's or so. Does anyone remember this dish and know of anything like it somewhere else?

It was small bits of chicken (too small to be called chunks, but bigger than diced), in a light red savory spicy sauce that may have included tomato (but no tomato chunks), over those little styrofoam-y crunchy white noodles. I have never tasted anything like it elsewhere, and can't identify what was in the sauce. I'm hoping someone else remembers it and knows a dish like it!

Also (this is an easier one), Hsian Foong had the best sesame broccoli I've ever had - lightly cooked broccoli stems, crisp, not greasy, pungent and imbued with sesame flavor. If anyone knows a Chinese restaurant that makes stellar sesame broccoli, I'd be grateful. (I failed at making it at home - blanched the broccoli as described, but it never took on the flavor of the sesame, it was just coated and oily. And frankly, I'd rather order it than cook it.)

Thank you!

[edited to note that the title was changed, but the dish wasn't chicken and broccoli -- the sesame broccoli was a side dish.]

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