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The Tender Rib, Hickory Smoked Ribs in Temple Hills

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My friend and I were heading to lunch out in a neighborhood that I, in my short exposure to DC, am not familiar with. And on the way, we spotted a couple of smokers in a parking lot off to the side of Benning Road. We decided to stop on our way back, after we'd eaten lunch, to get a better look at just what was happening.

And here's what we saw. The smokers...


Being worked by this fine gent...


Whose place is called...


Yep, The Tender Rib. As I said, we had already eaten lunch, and told him so. But he ran over to our car because he wanted to give us a taste...


Simply, the best ribs I've tried in the area. And actually, as good as any others I've tried. Pink ring, nice and smoky, tender with just the right amount of chew. A rub that's not overpowering but complimentary to the flavor of the pork. There wasn't any sauce on these samples; they didn't need any.

Says he's there every Thursday and Saturday. Also said he has a bricks and mortar shop, and here's the web site. Go? Only if you like your pork ribs pink and smoky and delicious...


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