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Red Apron Butcher Shops in the Works


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I know we don't really need to feed the perception that the Nation's Capital is all about gourmet convenience foods, but somebody ought to take Anda's superb hotdogs and work up a set of perky dressings a la the Toronto area's Buddha Dog, maybe adapting some of those Philly Italian rolls into a smaller hotdog format. Really. The Canadian chain uses a local (to them) gourmet dog, but Anda's got them beat hands down.

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I'm confused about the location; 6th doesn't actually intersect with RI Ave NE, so I'm assuming it's on the 600 block somewhere either in the little row of shops next to the AutoZone parking lot or across the street in the strip mall that used to house the Safeway. Either way: walking distance to my house! It'll be great to have a local, non-weekend/farmers market source (although Timor Bodega already offers a small selection of frozen local meats)

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