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Port Charlotte Scotch


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So I took my brother to Passenger on Sunday and he introduced me to Port Charlotte 7 Scotch and, um, yeah.

On Monday, I went to my favorite liquor store so we could properly toast his departure that night and not only did they not have it, the man working Scotches had never heard of it and, when I said I thought a California distributor/marketer might possibly be involved as my brother often had it there, tried to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about and that Port Charlotte couldn't possibly be a Scotch because he'd never heard of it and I was describing a California involvement which meant it wasn't Scotch.

(Side note: This is not an uncommon occurrence in the Scotch section of local liquor stores. This salesman was more offensive than most, but I have no problem asking for--and receiving--generous, friendly assistance with any other alcoholic beverage, but the Scotch aisle, should I be so foolish as to respond to an offer of assistance with a description of what I'm looking for, often leaves me, well, in need of a double. Does anyone else run into this? And without spilling a gigantic barrel of worms, do men run into this? 'Cuz apparently I'm still feeling a little raw. I'm no expert, but I spent six months in Scotland drinking my way through a good number of distilleries--I ain't raiding Daddy's Glenlivet no more. Unless it's Christmas and way too much family is under the roof. But I digress.)

So--does anybody in town carry it? If not, can anybody suggest somebody that would order it without the ego trip?

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Ace has at least one of the distillery bottlings, not sure if it's PC6 or PC7.

Indeed. I bought VERY heavily into the PC6 because it remains one of the best malt whiskies I've ever had. Not cheap, but glorious.

We also have PC7. Very nice, but still pales (IMHO) to the PC6.

Ditto with the PC8, which we don't have, but it's easy enough for me to order.

Dean is also correct; the Alchemist 5-yr Port Charlotte is glorious. I think that we still have some.

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