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Pink Cupcakes From Scratch Recipe Needed


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Hello DR.Com community... I am hopeful that someone can share a strawberry (i.e. pink) cupcake recipe with me this morning. I found a few online but I didn't trust the sources (including the martha stewart recipe) so I thought I'd come to this great resource for assistance. I've got both fresh and frozen strawberries available. Also, the recipe has to be simple enough that a 4 year old can assist with the process (no meringues please). TIA!

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I checked online, too, since I'm not a cupcake maker and the ubiquitous recipe is from Sprinkles as found on Martha Stewart (as you discovered) and Oprah's websites. It looks good and you don't need the food processor or the KitchenAid mixer, necessarily; you also might try searching for a batter that contains buttermilk and perhaps add a little lemon or even orange zest to enhance the flavor of the berries. A child could mash the strawberries w a hand-held potato masher. The cupcakes are decorated to look like something appropriate for a race whose participants sport pink ribbons and that's easy to avoid by using fresh strawberries on top, instead. (An earlier recipe on the MS website has a lemon cake with strawberry frosting which might be more interesting for adults.)

This frosting sounds better than one with confectioner's sugar: Guardian's blog. I also came across a recipe with a strawberry-whipped cream topping that sounded like a kid-perfect thing of beauty, though the recipe's author says she didn't care for the texture much. At any rate, you might want to play around with the button that allows you to choose different types of frostings w strawberry flavor here.

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Aww... thanks Anna Blume and Porcupine. Today was one of those days where I posted first thing in the morning and didn't check DR.com again until, well, now. I literally didn't stop.

I ended up using the Sprinkles recipe on MarthaStewart.com. They were good and not too difficult to make. My 4 year old niece helped at the end by pouring the flour and wet mixtures into to the mixing bowl.


ETA: my sister has a Kitchen Aid mixer so I wonder what would have happened if she hadn't had one.

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