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Stafford, VA


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I know some folks with a few hours to kill this evening in Stafford, Virginia. Any recommendations for drinks and light eats?

Lord knows it's too late, but in high school my AP English teacher took all of us out to The Log Cabin on Rt. 1 to celebrate passing the exam. They had surf'n'turf and filet mignon and utterly dazzled my podunk eyes at the time. Looked like the sort of place that would have some decent scotch behind the glass, too. Given that the fanciest place I'd been to prior to the Log Cabin was Red Lobster, it was pretty impressive. This was over a decade ago, but now I have to give an approving glance that it notes on its website that it's closed most holidays and Super Bowl Sunday.

http://www.thelogcabinrestaurant.com/ (warning, website is entirely in Flash AND has music)

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