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Keurig K-Cup Single Serve Coffee

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I've never been a coffee drinker (even through law school, somehow) but lately I've been dabbling a bit, and the wife enjoys hot tea daily, so we bought a Keurig K-Cup machine. I figure somebody here has to get their daily coffee from somewhere else than the latest free trade independently owned organic locally sourced coffee outpost, so any recommendations?

Thank you in advance, both for any input you might have as to what's good, and for not making this a thread about how grinding and brewing my own coffee, or only drinking espresso out of a $900 machine, is the only way to go...

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My BIL has this system. The K-cups are usually on sale for order on the Friday Sale on Amazon.com. Coupled with their Subscribe and Save program, I am sure you can easily save a few bucks. Target sells the K-cup coffees but I have not checked on the price.

I like Tully's Kona. It's pretty nice.

You can also buy the make-your-own K-filter-cup and put your own grinds to brew. That might save some money rather than throwing all these cups in the trash (which bears the question: does anyone take the time to take the grinds out for compost and then recycle the cups?).

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