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BBQ World, Old-School Joint in Burke

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I have lived near here for 7 years and have never once thought of going in. Despite the giant pink pig in the window. I tend to avoid the whole Wal Mart Plaza because the parking blows.

So when I read that Rocks ate here the other night (on DCDining.com), I was intrigued.

Has anyone else eaten there? Rocks, is it any good?

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Oops. Saw Rocks' other review just now. Apparently the ribs sucked. I'll go on Saturday with the family for dinner and try the pulled pork, brisket, etc.

I am a bit disappointed that Rocks, who apparently ate 3-4 dinners that night, sampled so little of the menu. Good move on the Diet Coke with unlimited refills Rocks. Swimsuit season is coming. B)

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