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Mike's Crab House

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Had a birthday celebration at Mike's Crabhouse in Annapolis on Saturday. We waited about 30 minutes for an outside table, and it was worth the wait. Once we sat down we got a dozen oysters, a pound of shrimp, mussels, hush puppies and drinks. The oysters were ok, not as briny or flavorful as some, but good. The mussels were excellent, just plain steamed mussels that tasted ridiculously good. Shrimp were your normal steamed shrimp, but good. We didn't make it in time for Jumbo's so had two dozen large crabs. They were good, fresh, meaty and flavorful. We had fun picking and drinking. I have been picking crab since I was little but there were some real pros there that were fun to watch. Staff was nice an attentive.

Sorry I didn't see the thread, can you merge?

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