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Regina's in West Annapolis

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Regina's in West Annapolis is a locals place. It isn't in downtown, it isn't in Parole and it's not on the water. It may not even have crabcakes on the menu (shit I looked it does). What it does have is great german potato salad, sausages, wonderful breakfast pancakes and eggs, good fried potatoes and sandwiches. It is that little hometown place with a good priced menu of nothing fancy. People order their normal orders here. In the fall they have absolutely stellar pumpkin pancakes. I often ask for a combination of sausage, fried egg and home fries which they will oblige. They will often serve you lunch during breakfast, breakfast at lunch and the like if you ask nicely. The best items on the menu are the german ones. We normally go for breakfast or lunch, but I know they are open for dinner too.


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