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Taqueria Juquilita

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Over across from the Hillsmere shopping plaza- CVS and Grump's Cafe- before you enter Quiet Waters, by the Muddy Paws is a little Taqueria. I only know about this place because my hairdresser used to own a salon in that shopping center, and well she has a process that when there was more than just me meant you might want a meal close by. Thank goodness there was this great little place. They had good tacos, quesidillas, and etc. They have fresh corn tortillas, authentic Mexican style tacos and are family run. I would venture to guess everything is homemade. This place is a tiny little whole in the wall, but it is the most authentic Mexican in Annapolis and is great. It is the TECC of Annapolis, but actually has a couple seats. They have good salsa's and hot sauces. The Al Pastor tacos are good, and the family is just wonderful. But definitely expect a hole in the wall.

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