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Lemongrass and Lemongrass II is there a III?

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I have a good familiarity with Lemongrass as it is about a block away from my Mom's house in Annapolis. We order to-go from there quite often. No you won't find a lot of authentic things like you do in Wheaton or Columbia Pike, but they have all your accepted Thai fare. They often get creative and mix in some crab or etc. They make good pad thai and pad see ew, and etc. Not homemade rice noodles, but skillfully stir fried. It is pretty much your normal neighborhood thai place, which in Annapolis is great since there are very few. I like the vibe and watching how they had to tear down everything but the historic shell and build it inside out I kind of appreciate the space more than others may. Hot, fresh to-go food if you are closeby too. Anyway since before it came, there was only one thai place I quite appreciate it, especially since it is an easy walk for me and a good place for Mom and I to eat a meal, especially nowadays trying to avoid gluten.

I haven't been to the other locations, I think there is one in Baltimore and I know there is one out by the Petsmart on Bestgate.

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