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Harry's Main Street Grille, 65 W. Main Street in Westminster

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So Harry's Main Street Restaurant in Westminster, right in the downtown, is one of the couple places where my Mom would always take me and a friend when she was in town. The food was good, nothing fancy, but well prepared fresh salads, homemade rolls, and a nice diverse menu. I would say it is one of the nicer casual and affordable places in town. Easy with a picky eater as they have a bit of all the standard fare. The inside is clean and a modern neighborhood type place. Servers are normally going to school in the area. Sometimes if we had some money we would come here as it was an easy walk from campus.

I wish I could find a menu or a website...

It is soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches, simple entrees type of place. We always had good service, but I also normally knew most of the servers as they went to college with me.

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