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Michael Landrum on FoxNews


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I'm watching Fox News "Special Report" (for the unintiated -- it's the 6:00 Hour Evening News Program) and they have a special 4th of July Panel discussing the economy. Michael is one of the members of this panel representing the small business entrepreneur and he's great! Kudos to Fox for recognizing Michael's role during this recession in bucking the trends by going out and creating jobs, and most of all, kudos to Michaei for doing it. The other night at Ray's -- I introduced Michael to some of my hard right friends, as a "Socialist", but a Socialist deserving of respect, because he actually walks the walk and takes care of his employees first. Michael was gracious and accepted the label, and we all agreed that true socialism and true conservatism aren't that much different in their views of the importance of the individual. If you missed this episode, contact Fox and demand a return engagement for Mr. Landrum.

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