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Canning Demo at Strosnider's

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Received this in an email from Strosniders:

Canning Seminar with Mrs. Wheelbarrow

Saturday, July 16, 2011 9-10:30AM

Bethesda Location

Mrs. Wheelbarrow will be demonstrating how to can "Dilly Beans" and "Half Sour" pickles. At the end of the seminar we will be raffling off some of Mrs. Wheelbarrow's products.

For more information on Mrs. Wheelbarrow please visit www.mrswheelbarrow.com.

Please register in advance. Seating will be limited so come early.

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Thanks again Zora! I've wondered about pickling since your posts detailing your own pickling prowess.

Mrs. Wheelbarrow gave a practical and entertaining class. She made quick countertop pickle of red onion, a water bath Dilly Bean pickle and passed samples. There was also a taste of a pickle from Grandma Wheelbarrow's South Carolina housekeeper's recipe: Luvey's Sweet Pickle Chips. I'm invested now, if only to make Luvey's not-too-sweet pickles. The Dilly green beans were intially introduced as an excellent Bloody Mary garnish, but was also later described as a good side with charcuterie


Mrs. Wheelbarrow was profiled in September 2010 on NPR's Morning Edition. Her current 2011 project Charcutepalooza was described in a January 2011 WaPo article.

On her website are classes, mainly sold-out, that cover canning and charcuterie.

If there were other DR folks in Strosnider's outdoor class today, say hi next time.

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