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Fresh Blueberries


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I am in search of a farmer's market with great fresh blueberries. Relatives are coming to visit and one is a great fan of blueberry pancakes.


Lots and lots of farmers markets in the DC region, so what area is most convenient to you?

Some of the best berries around come from Westmoreland Berry Farm. I know that they are at least at the Mt. Vernon market on Wed. mornings, and Courthouse on Sat. mornings. According to their website, blueberries are still available.

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Blue berries are everywhere. It's possible that there's one random market without them, but I've been to five in the last week and they all had them.

Dupont (almost) for sure.

Country Pleasures for large, flavorful organic berries. Twin Springs for a variety of cultivated blueberry that is relatively tiny, so there's more of the tart skin in each bite.

Send me to Purgatory if you must, but I prefer Wyler's frozen wild blueberries in BUTTERMILK (Trickling Springs, found at MOM's or Takoma Food Co-op) pancakes. Plunking small, frozen berries onto and thus into the pancakes right after batter's hit the pan tends to prohibit sticking. Fresh berries seem wasted when maple syrup's involved, though I love them on cold cereal or in yogurt.

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