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Who is so ashamed of being on this website that they would dare cloak themselves under anonymity?

It's YOU, isn't it.

It's you, I know it's you.


It’s you! It’s you! I know it’s you!

Your name is on your tag

But how was I to know

That you would turn into a hag

I used to fantasize about

Us kissing in the gym

I thought about you night and day

Way back when you were slim

My heart would skip, my pulse would race

When it was you that called

And now those thoughts are gone because

You’re haggard, fat and bald

I’d look at you and see within

Your eyes a glowing twinkle

But now I look at you and see

You’re one gigantic wrinkle

The captain of the football team was

Virile tough and hunky

But what’s before me now is someone

Sterile gruff and chunky

In cooking class I’d try my best

To look and catch your eye

Did you become a pastry chef

And eat a lot of pie?

The band is gone, the lights are out

The room has gotten quiet

And now we both have nine more years

Before we’ll start our diet

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