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K Town Bistro, Old Town Kensington

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Recently dined here at the invitation of a friend, and all I can say is "no wonder they were half empty on a Thursday night." A cold carrot-ginger soup tasted uncooked (literally, it tasted raw), and a busy linguine dish was further flawed by overcooked pasta. Crabcakes were not actively bad, but wholly unremarkable. Same with desserts. Nice space, pleasant staff, and Kensington desperately needs decent restaurants. What a shame. Positive note: the owner noticed and was concerned about the soup. But I couldn't say much, because the friend who was treating us was sitting right across the table, also looking concerned, and I didn't want to insult him.

[spent fifteen minutes writing a more thoughtful and detailed report, then lost it while fact-checking; not worth my time to re-write it]

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