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2008 Domaine de Fontsaintes Corbières


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What a lovely Corbières this is, the 2008 being one of the more candied noses for this wine in recent years, that requires air, a good thirty minutes of air. And the candy turns to this sweet vegetable component - it's not sweet any more than it's vegetal, but it's a little of both. This wine really does invite further exploration regardless of whether it's had on its own (during which it might get a bit repetititve) or, more properly, with food such as skillet-fried chicken with chickpeas. Hell, it could do stronger than this. A hypothetical combination of a Chinon Rouge (vegetal) and a Chenin Blanc (slightly rotting fruit), nahhhhh, the Chenin Blanc doesn't apply here, but something needs to cut the theoretical Chinon - maybe a Minervois? Yes, maybe a Minervois. A lovely wine either way that I happen to have become sick of because I have it so often. I like it, but any more, I'm rarely thrilled by it. Kermit Lynch is, perhaps, all you need to know when it comes to importing Corbières

For those who don't know Corbières, the AOC (Appelation d'Origine Controlée) consists of 11 different lieux dits or "terroirs," if you will.

Montagne d'Alaric

Saint Victor










and there's no telling which this one came from, so the safest thing to do is assume it a blend. But a nice blend!

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