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Cafe China, Carry-Out Chinese next to Amoo's Kabob on Old Dominion Drive in McLean

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I really enjoyed my 2 take-out experiences from Cafe China, where I got typical Americanized fare. The crab rangoon were full to bursting, and appeared to be freshly made, or close enough to it. They're also the kind where the 4 ends are pulled up toward the middle, where the filling is, and not the triangle-shaped kind, which I don't think cooks as well nor holds up as well. Didn't know i was a connoisseur of rangoon, did you? The dumplings are a dense ball of meat, packed in a not-too-doughy shell, and filled with some kind of sauce--exactly the way i like my dumplings. That sauce pouring our was a pleasant surprise. The hot & sour soup was hit or miss depending on your preference. My wife thought it was bland, I would have described it as understated. The sauteed broccoli in garlic sauce was a good sized portion, and the broccoli actually came with a good amount of crunch left in it. Usually it comes as a soggy, gloppy mess, but this was cooked perfectly. The General Tso's Shrimp were a good size (I'd say 30 count), but perhaps a tad over-battered. Sauce was spot on, however, and I'd get it again.

Also, a thumbs up to their website, which has a very easy on-line ordering system. There are also a few deals available depending on your order total, which the website makes very easy to apply.

Now if we could get a good Italian place to replace the cleaners in between Cafe China and Amoos Kabob, this little strip would be a Murderers Row of take out.

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