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Thank You to lperry - Our Newest Calendar Girl


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Along with goodeats, lperry is now spending a good deal of time putting press releases (yes, they're commercial) into our monthly calendar. We all figure that, as long as commerical information isn't thrown into your face, and you KNOW it's commercial information to begin with, that this is a good thing - readers here want to know what is going on.

So please thank Linda when you see her (and Mary, too, who has gotten busy of late).

To access our calendar, either click on the Calendar Tab (Above), or establish it on the right side by clicking on the (somewhat hidden) icon just to the bottom-right of the "View New Content" tab (on the home page; not on this page) - that will bring up Birthdays, Calendar Events, etc. Along with one-time events, I'm making an effort to list restaurants with daily discounts - could anyone knowing about half-price wine deals, significant discounts, etc., occurring on certain days of the week, email them to me so I can include them?

Thank you! And thanks again to lperry!



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I just looked at the Calendar and noticed another wave of items put in by Linda (lperry).

It takes five seconds to send someone a PM and say "thank you." This is my five seconds: THANK YOU, LINDA!

Take a look at the richness of our Calendar. Everyone here - members, visitors (please take a moment to join), and especially restaurateurs and PR reps should be writing lperry and goodeats, and saying "thank you" for the time they've been spending on this. It's a lot of work, and a lot of vigilance for things that are fleeting ... the day passes, and then the work that they've done is gone, other than as a historical archive.

Please take a moment out of your day and send them a PM. They work so hard, for nothing.

Don't thank me; thank them. And also goldenticket and Pat for taking on 100% of the membership - a task equally time-consuming, perhaps more time-consuming than even the calendar. They, too, work so hard, for nothing.

These four people - not me; them - are the engines that are keeping this website going day-to-day right now. Please thank them. Without them, and those who preceded them, there would be no donrockwell.com.

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