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Your Dog's Best Friends, North Alexandria - Full-Service Dog Care with Lots of Human Contact

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We take our bichon to Your Dog's Best Friends for daycare on evenings we want to go out and for boarding. I previously took him to another place (WOOFS) which was fine, but he didn't like it very much, but he really likes Your Dog's Best Friend. And they seem to provide more service for the money.

The staff are very friendly, they always seem to be able to handle boarding requests, even during holidays. They have cageless boarding with staff there 24/7. Unlike other places we have boarded him, he seems to get a lot of human contact, lots of play time with other small dogs, and is well kept. I know that at some point someone brushed him at least once the last time he was there because he didn't come home with any mats, and he would have without being brushed in four days. They will do nail trimming and grooming too, although I have never used this. And they have a kind of neat system for the doggy daycare called positive playcare. I noticed that when he comes home from this daycare he is tired, but very happy. And isn't upset about going back like he was previously. It seems a bit frou frou, but it actually seems to have made a difference, so we'll take it! Their staff seems to be much more hands on and in the action with the dogs which helps them build a relationship with the staff and feel comfortable with them. And they also help maintain your dogs obedience levels, which we don't really need, but might come in handy.

They also are happy to accommodate mixing his wet and dry food. You can call in for updates if you so feel the need. It was the same cost as other places with less service. Max is really a very personable little guy and needs a lot of attention, so we were happy to find a place we could leave him without coming home to massive separation anxiety.

They also offer training, although we haven't used it.

Katelin Moomau

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