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Mughal Garden, 920 N. Charles St.

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Friends had a Groupon for this restaurant and we joined them yesterday for dinner. My attempts to find out about the restaurant in advance from the usual channels did not yield much information, except that people's reviews were rather mixed. (One notably consistent positive comment was that people find their daily lunch buffet to be a good deal.)

I'm creating a thread because there isn't one, not because I would encourage people to go there; nor I would tell people not to go there. Mixed. Seriously mixed.

They had a special Groupon menu that they brought out, and the Groupon included 2 apps, 4 entrees, and 2 desserts. We had 5 (and then 6) people, so it was a little tricky. We asked for the full menu too. The gentleman who had seated us was our waiter and one of very few employees we saw. He was good about trying to get us the best deal possible for our meal, almost too attentive. This actually took quite a long time (and made the lags between water refills later--by other employees--seem odd). He really went all out, though.

The naan (which we had to remind them to bring out) was very good, as were the papadum (which we got two servings of) and the relishes. "Spicy" was not very spicy. I imagine mild would be pretty bland. I had spicy saag gosht which had a bit of a kick but that was it. I also had some of the "medium" Tandoori chicken and, again, a little kick. I enjoyed all the food I ate.

We had a variety of apps, including kabobs and chicken and vegetable pakora. We also tried chicken biryani, lamb korma and a few other things. For dessert we got the mango ice cream another table recommended. They were the only table there when we arrived. It reminded me of the Creamsicles of my childhood. Mango lassi is also listed on the dessert menu, but my husband drank it with his meal and enjoyed it.

It was a good spread for a bunch of people. The service was spotty but wanted to be good. The decor needs a major overhaul. Mixed. If you're walking by and want food, sure, stop in.

Edited to add a link to their web site and a couple of other things I forgot.

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