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  1. Last night we had leftover baked ziti and roasted carrot soup, plus toasted slices of Pugilese bread. I roasted the carrots in bacon fat left after baking a tray of bacon, drizzling some honey on partway through the process. Near the end, I mixed in leftover roasted and fried fingerling potatoes and roasted "baby" carrots. I pureed it all in the blender in batches with some homemade chicken broth and a couple tablespoons of miso. The potatoes gave a nice thickness and creaminess to the puree. I heated the puree up on the stove with additional chicken broth to make a soup consistency. I had intended to add some ginger but liked the flavor the way it was, with just some salt and pepper added to adjust the s + p that went on the vegetables at the outset.
  2. I don't like to post dinners ahead of time because things might change, but it's fairly certain that tonight is London broil (about to go into the oven), fried fingering potatoes (pre-boiled and ready to go into the saute pan), and dips (leftover Cava hummus, baba ganoush made earlier today) and dipping foods (whole wheat pita and carrots).
  3. Lats night was roasted chicken, potatoes, and carrots plus leftover cauliflower cheese gratin.
  4. Pat

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    That's where I get them. They've stocked them for years, so I'd be surprised if that's stopped.
  5. Avocado stuffed with tzatziki; sliced tomato, shredded radicchio Baked ziti (pork sausage and marinara)
  6. I just finished a couple of slices of mushroom and pepperoni pizza I brought back from Pennsylvania. I forgot how much good pizza is to be had in the area in and around Philadelphia. Not the very best pizza you could ever eat--and not artisan gourmet pizza--but walking into a pizza shop off the street and walking out with a tasty pie kind of pizza. Capitol Hill just does not have that. When I first got the pizza yesterday afternoon, it was a little too soggy but quite satisfying. After a night in the fridge, it made perfect cold pizza for breakfast, lunch, and now dinner. One pie: $15 and change=4 meals. Not a bad deal. I have to say, I think I actually prefer leftover cold pizza to pizza to steaming hot. I just walked into this place [Gaetano's, 210 S. Springfield Rd., Clifton Heights] because I was nearby and hungry, but it turns out it gets some pretty rave reviews, at least here and here and on Chowhound. From my research, I learned that I should ask for my pizza a little well done (that probably would have helped with the slight sogginess) and that having the cheese under the sauce (where I was at first having trouble determining if there was cheese on it) is their trademark. A nice touch when I picked up the pie was that the woman behind the counter lifted the lid on the box so I could see that it was what I had ordered.
  7. Sweet and sour oven-baked baby back ribs with soy-ginger dipping sauce Chinese noodles and broccoli with peanut sauce
  8. Salad of red leaf and iceberg lettuces, slivered red onion, cucumber, radishes, and tomato; sesame - shiitake dressing Mushroom. red onion, and pepperoni sheet pan pizza
  9. Pat

    Boston and Cambridge, MA

    Durgin-Park now closed. Obituary here.
  10. Friday: Kale and lentil soup with chunks of pork tenderloin Salmon platter 3 ways (broiled sockeye fillets, cold smoked, and roe); cream cheese; tzatziki, rye toast triangles; sliced tomatoes; shaved red onion; capers; lettuce Last night: Meat loaf barded with bacon Egg noodles with butter and dill Cauliflower cheese gratin
  11. We're not eating out that much and it's hard to spread the dining dollars around enough to do justice to the restaurants that deserve business. It's been a couple years since I last ate here, which seems impossible but the calendar doesn't lie. I wish Chef Weland well with whatever his next project is, after he gets some rest from what must have been a stressful last year here.
  12. It also occurs to me that fruit might be good--grapes, sliced apples or pears--or maybe even little fruit tarts.
  13. Olives, nuts, different kinds of breads (olive bread, rosemary bread, baguette), frittata or mini quiches sans cheese, demitasses or shot glasses of tomato soup
  14. It worked out really well. As long as the pancakes are fairly sturdy, I'd think it should work. The, uh, embarrassing thing about how I came upon this plan is that, having run out of ideas for what to do with the leftover waffles, I googled cornmeal waffles to see what came up as an accompaniment or serving idea, and it brought up a Paula Deen recipe for cornmeal waffles and chili. I wasn't interested in the recipe but I liked the concept. I looked further for other sites with a similar dish and found a blog showing them as stacks.
  15. Last night I added some red leaf lettuce to what's left of the salad and made a quick batch of chili (ground chuck; with beans). I made stacks with the leftover cornmeal waffles, topping each waffle with chili, cilantro, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg. Sour cream on the side.
  16. Apparently they label for this, but I don't recall seeing that labeling on the package.It appears, though, from a search that only the vacuum-sealed whole cuts (e.g., whole tenderloin) are not blade tenderized. It really doesn't make any sense to do this to a prime cut. It also means these steaks should not be eaten rare or anywhere below 165F.
  17. When I was at Pentagon City mall a few days ago, I noticed the Ruby Tuesday has closed. The sign on the paneling over the empty space says that a Harry's Tap Room will be opening there. I can't recall if it gave an ETA other than "soon" on the sign.
  18. Last night I made steak sous vide and served it with more of the previous night's salad, a mashed potato casserole, and steamed broccoli. The casserole was leftover buttermilk scallion mashed potatoes, with the addition of some cream and topped with aged cheddar, panko, and some dots of butter before going into the oven to heat through and brown on top.. The steak was a prime NY strip from Costco that I had frozen after breaking up the original pack. I froze it in a vacuum-sealed bag, so the defrosted steak could go right into the water in its bag. I defrosted it in the refrigerator for a day, pulled it out while I heated the water bath and then dropped it in the water, and cooked it at 120F for 3 1/2 hours. Before searing on a grill pan, I seasoned it with black pepper, a small amount of salt, Worcestershire sauce, and a little red wine. Prime steak from Costco is quite a treat. We split one steak between us, so a pack of 3 or 4 lasts some time. I cooked the first one from the original pack by reverse sear, which is great, but the frozen ones are already in the vac seal bags and ready to go, so sous vide makes more sense.
  19. Salad of green leaf lettuce, radishes, yellow and orange bell pepper, tomato, avocado, bacon, and marcona almonds; ranch dressing Pugiliese bread from TJ with butter Ground turkey, baby spinach, and cremini mushroom skillet Buttermilk mashed potatoes with scallions
  20. Should Costco have its own thread? I don't know how many of them sell fresh food and meat. I bought one of the buy and bake pizzas at Costco today. It seemed awfully cheap ($7.99). I decided that was probably because it was square and they may be experimenting with that (square takebake combo--the pepperoni and plain cheese were the same price). I have a Wolf Range--not the full commercial but fancier than a basic home range. It has 6 burners. I think if it as being pretty big. It's never been inadequate for anything we've asked of it in going on 2 years. (I'd have to dig through paperwork to give the precise specs.) The pizza is too big to fit in my oven! It looked like it might just fit, but I realized immediately that the front glass door was getting coated in cheese and tomato. I folded a margin of it over and am still attempting to cook it. When I bought it, I had figured if it was terrible, it was only $8, but I didn't factor in to that the labor cost of cleaning my oven door. Thank you very much .
  21. Salad of green leaf lettuce, radishes, yellow bell pepper, bacon, and marcona almonds; ranch dressing This miso-mushroom pasta recipe from Food 52 The pasta was fantastic, though (or because!) it had a large amount of fat. I had seen it a few days earlier and realized I had all of the ingredients on hand, so that and a salad made for a quick meal. And the only meat in the meal was a couple strips of crumbled bacon in the salad.
  22. Not quite breakfast for dinner: Leftover cornmeal waffles topped with fried eggs and bacon; on the side, leftover black-eyed peas and rice pilaf mixed together There was butter and maple syrup available for topping excess amounts of waffle.
  23. Leftover spinach pie plus leftover meatballs and onions turned into soup
  24. Leftover pork loin with fried sage Cornmeal waffles with smoked salmon and creme fraiche