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  1. That's interesting. I didn't know there was a waitlist option. I have the Resy app but could not get it to recognize this reservation, even though I got confirmation texts via Resy to acknowledge making the reservation. It wouldn't show any reservation history for me at all, despite using it a number of times. While I didn't use Resy to make the reservation initially because the relevant time slots were all gone when I tried to make a reservation several days beforehand, everything integrated with Resy after I made the reservation via phone, except for the crucial detail of the app not working properly. (Playing around with it later at home, I finally got it to work by signing out and back in again. Functional equivalent of rebooting, I guess.)
  2. The staff at All-Purpose Riverfront went above and beyond yesterday. We were at game 1 of the Nats - Mets doubleheader (April covid-postponed game) and I had made a reservation for 4:30, nearly 3 1/2 hours after the 7 inning game was supposed to start. The game moved very, very slowly. The stands were emptying of Nats' fans as the score ticked up relentlessly to 9 - 0 in favor of the Mets and time dragged and dragged. Then...the Nats came back and tied it! About 4:15 we called AP to explain we were at the ongoing game and would be late, and it sounded like they said they would try to seat us when we got there, but it was hard to hear. By the time the Nats were breaking my heart by losing in 9 innings, I was famished. Thinking back, I realized I'd eaten very little over the previous 48 hours. We arrived at the restaurant 45 minutes late, and they knew who we were just by our mentioning we had called. (Could we be the only people with reservations for the projected between-games period who had called?) Our outside table was waiting for us! Soon after, there was an hour-long wait for tables. I was unbelievably grateful they had held that table for us. So grateful. So hungry. I ate half of a Bueno pizza and most of a gem Caesar salad, and my husband polished off the Sanrdinian tomato salad with toasted fregola and herb vinaigrette (very green!) and an entire Childish Bambino pizza. Their salads are always good and ample enough to be a whole meal sometimes, but not yesterday. I could have eaten even more of the pizza but decided it would be wise not to overstuff myself. Anyhow, before I head back over for my 5th game in 7 days, may I take a moment to say (or type): "Yay, All-Purpose!" (FWIW, I noticed a while back that they now have a sign out that says "watch your step" right by where I tripped a couple years ago.)
  3. You have good parking karma. The crazy thing was that we'd been to Centrolina a couple weeks before and parking hadn't been bad (though that was a Sunday night). The space we ended up with for Corduroy was close to where we parked for Centrolina.
  4. Yes! Against all odds, my weather luck held once again. I'm on quite a streak. It cleared up and stayed clear. We had a really hard time finding parking, so I had to call to say we'd be late. But, once there, everything was wonderful. It had been such a long time since we had been to Corduroy that we were having trouble figuring out when the last trip was. They have done a nice job setting up outside in the back of the restaurant. It must have been a lot of work getting all that gravel laid. Everything is level and packed down, which I had wondered about when trying to decide on shoes. I got my old favorite of tuna with hijiki and sushi rice, which I first started ordering in the hotel days. It was just as perfect a dish as I remembered. It seems a shame to eat here without ordering soup, but I really wanted salad more than soup last night, so I started with a gem salad and anchovy vinaigrette. The chef, however, sent out gratis tastes of the Avgolemono, so I got soup too. The texture of that soup was remarkable. My husband got the striploin and Lyonnaise potatoes, which I encouraged because I wanted a bite of steak. Cunning plan. He also ordered (and enjoyed) the charred tomato soup. I had a glass of cava to start out and a glass of 2010 Bordeaux with my tuna. I didn't ask beforehand if it would go with the tuna, but seemed like a fit to me. Both glasses were excellent and, at $15 each, seemed like a good value as well. It's been a long time since I ordered a glass of wine in a restaurant, but I know I have paid more in the past for wines that were not nearly that quality. We ate dessert at home (black raspberry ice cream and a strawberry cupcake with buttercream a friend had bought me from a fancy cake place).
  5. We've had a reservation for outside tonight for quite some time, but the weather is not looking cooperative. I'm wondering how likely it will be to get two seats inside last minute. Any sense of that among those who have been in recent months? I tried calling after the restaurant was open last night but got voice mail. They were probably too busy to answer. Since it was still 24+ hours away and forecasts can change, I didn't leave a message. Twice in the last week, I was convinced outdoor plans would be rained out, and things were clear and dry when I needed them to be. I think luck on that has run out...
  6. I've been hitting Cameo up quite a bit for takeout, mostly iced tea but some coffee. Last time I got the bread it was still large and excellent.
  7. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary here last night. Montmartre used to be one of our preferred spots, but it is gone, so we had to venture elsewhere. We had not been here before and loved Centrolina. We sat outside. The food was fantastic, and I think we disappointed our server by not asking enough questions about the menu. The highlight of the entire meal was probably the chicken consomme with pasta scraps and Parmigiano. I got a spoonful but regretted not getting a bowl for myself. It was excellent. To start, I ordered the chef's crab cake, the torta, which seemed to be similar to a tortilla Espanola. For the next course, they ran out of the fettuccine just before we ordered, so I got tortelloni instead, stuffed with duck breast and braised cabbage. It was rich and fantastic. My husband had the charred lamb steak with potato crosta, baby carrots, and salsa verde. I had some and it was fabulous. The combination of items was great. There is a little left to add to our dinner tonight. He also got the verde salad, with Caesar dressing and fried egg. I could not imagine how they got the egg that perfect. I also wished I'd ordered this for myself, though I managed to make it memorable by spilling some fried egg on my new dress while trying to share😑. He ordered the chocolate involtino for dessert, which I had a bit of and enjoyed. I had limoncello, which I love when I can find it. We are most definitely planning on returning, though I have no idea when🙁.
  8. We ate here recently before a game on my husband's birthday. I got some more raw bar food (like I did at Old Ebbitt but only half as many clams). He got the sea bass entree and thought it was good but maybe underseasoned. We split fries and the crab dip. I didn't like the crackers for the crab dip but he didn't seem to mind them. They seemed like a puffy rice cracker, but I don't know what they actually were. Husband got some kind of rocky road mousse dessert that was okay. I didn't mention the birthday on the reservation or we probably would have gotten the cupcake with a candle like that which came out to another table. Service was good. Food was good. Excellent ventilation outside. Nice view. Continues to be a good choice in that area.
  9. Last month I finally went to the podiatrist for a much needed visit and rewarded myself afterwards with the happy hour raw bar at Old Ebbitt. I got one of the mid-priced platters--the Walrus #2, with an extra shrimp--and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was well-prepared except for little bit of shell or grit in one of the clams. It was more expensive than I remembered but that's probably because it was. It was a nice treat. It turned out the bartender lives near me and recognized me from my endless loops walking around the neighborhood, so that was kind of cool. Pro tip: Don't let a bunion go 25+ years without treatment.
  10. Cook it down and put it in a greens layer of lasagna. Most uses are basically going to say make a pesto and do something with it. I still have pesto in my freezer from several years ago.
  11. I ate at Salt Line with a friend (same one referenced above) before the Tuesday Nats' game. It was only my second pandemic dining experience and it was really positive. We sat outside on a brutally hot day, but the fans they had set up and the air flow were great. Not unpleasant at all. Our server was wonderful. Everything came out in a timely fashion. A winner on all points. Friend had her favorite lobster roll and I had the smash burger (for the first time). I was afraid it was going to be too heavy given the heat and it kind of was, but it was delicious. The fries that came with it were excellent, and we both enjoyed DC Brau Pils on tap. The beer itself is one I like in general, but one of the things I have missed the most during the pandemic is draft beer. This was wonderfully bubbly in its pilsner glass and just perfect.
  12. Aww. Thanks. Your house sounds like a pretty good destination its own self. Sorry about the fridge problems. From my experience last year with the frozen huge amount of romaine, it really does work well in lettuce soup. Now, if you're not looking to make soup, that's not the best outcome, but it does produce respectable soup. The best thing I made this week was garlic scape pesto. Yowza. I also turned the meat sauce I had previously made into sauce for rigatoni. I just love pasta in all forms. Monday Mixed greens + radicchio, hard-boiled eggs, craisins, feta or blue cheese; ranch Sourdough and Harbison cheese Pita chips and hummus Garlic scape pesto sauce with pistachios and corn off the cob over ravioli Tuesday Toasted sourdough and hummus or butter Crispy Tofu With Cashews and Blistered Snap Peas (NYT) Leftover couscous plus squash, etc. Wednesday Leftover tofu, cashews, and snap peas Rum and orange marinated pork tenderloin Sautéed kale and cremini mushrooms Thursday Salad (mixed lettuces, tomato, radicchio, feta or blue cheese; ranch) Rigatoni with spicy meat sauce Steamed broccoli Friday Red leaf lettuce, cucumber, radishes, grape tomatoes; feta or blue cheese; vinaigrette Sourdough and butter Leftover tofu, cashews, and snap peas Leftover pork + kale + boiled potato Leftover broccoli
  13. Wednesday: Baguette and butter Salad Spicy chicken and peach skillet Leftover portobello stuffed with buttermilk mashed potatoes English peas Thursday: Baguette slices Instant Pot chicken thighs with red wine sauce, leftover peas, and couscous Friday: Spinach salad with mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, and cherries; balsamic vinaigrette Grinder (baguette; beef, pork, onions, peppers, tomato sauce; provolone) Last night: Hamburgers on whole wheat sesame buns with tomato and sautéed mushrooms; cheddar or blue cheese Air fryer sweet potato fries Banana cream pie (no-bake) Tonight: Leftover chicken with peaches; corn on the cob; and, sourdough bread and Harbison cheese.
  14. I think closer to summer than fall is the best bet, and YES!
  15. I'm loosely considering this where did you dine and drink. Only sit-down meal since pandemic (15 entire months, wow): Belga, outside on Barracks Row. We were there on a Tuesday and their delivery (whoa with the supply chains) is Wednesday, so they were out of some things. The service was super spectacular and very helpful and friendly. Accounting for the outages and the particular quirks of dining outside on Barracks Row, it was just nice to have a meal out. They truly couldn't have been nicer. The fries were excellent, as was my husband's pea soup. The soup was fabulous. Otherwise, it's been coffee shops for takeout and bars: Tunnicliffs, Mission, and the Pug. At Tunnis, all of the Sunday regulars were there so it was time warpish. At Mission (before a Nats game) I stayed downstairs so as not to be around a lot of people but had to go through the full gigantic 2nd floor bar for the bathroom because the ground level ones were full. I told my friend it was like jumping into the deep end of the pool. That was a LOT of people. It reminded me of Jasper's in Greenbelt at peak time. (Don?) The Pug was empty when I went in near opening time. I drank beer, took in the entire space, listened to music, and I swear I felt 25 years younger. Given that the pandemic aged me by 15 years, I took 10 years of aging off just by going in here.
  16. Mostly we've been eating leftovers. Lots and lots of leftovers, on repeat. Last night I made something quick (but not leftover) after getting back from the Nats game: Hotdogs on whole wheat buns; pickles Baked beans (canned) Roasted portobellos stuffed with buttermilk mashed potatoes Other than the asparagus bundles wrapped in ham and cheese, the portobellos stuffed with mashed potatoes has to be one of my favorite 2021 concoctions. Mushrooms and mashed potatoes are great together, so this makes a nice package. Tonight will be a salad of iceberg and radicchio, avocado, tomato, cucumber, and radishes with ranch; bucatini with anchovies, lemon, and onion; and, orange cauliflower baked with orange cheese sauce and buttered toasted cracker crumbs.
  17. Tonight: Crackers topped with fontina and pepperoni Salad (arugula, spring mix, radishes, mushrooms, cucumber, craisins; vinaigrette) Leftover Cajun chicken pasta + pork sausage meatballs Leftover sauteed squash ribbons Last night: Leftover salad Whole air fryer roasted chicken Leftover greens Leftover asparagus bundles The chicken was about 3 1/2 pounds. That's about the biggest that will fit in my air fryer. Chicken is soooooo good in an air fryer. Doing it in the oven, I find convection works better than the regular oven, but the standalone air fryer doesn't heat up the whole kitchen and does as well or better.
  18. Salad (arugula, spring mix, radishes, cucumber, craisins; vinaigrette) "Anniversary Chicken" Ham and provolone asparagus bundles Those asparagus bundles are just awesome. They would be very good for a dinner party, if I were having one. The chicken is the bare bones of a recipe that I got from the chef at an inn we stayed at in the Cascades decades ago. I may have described it here before, but it's browned chicken breasts topped with provolone and served over a white wine, mushroom, pine nut, and artichoke saucy mixture with some pesto mixed in.
  19. Last night I made another air fryer poussin. That has become one of my favorite things to make in the air fryer. Comes out awesome. We also had leftover buttermilk mashed potatoes; roasted kohlrabi with Parmesan; and, greens (kale and kohlrabi greens, garlic, onion, and tomato).
  20. This week so far: Monday Salad (Spring mix, romaine, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, marcona almonds, craisins, hard-boiled eggs; ranch) Sourdough bread Leftover cavatappi, cheese, and sausage casserole Baked chicken thighs Asparagus with butter, s+p Tuesday Leftover salad Fish tacos; romaine, radishes, creme fraiche; cilantro; avocado Leftover wild rice and pinto beans Plum and raspberry clafoutis (From David Lebovitz's The Sweet Life in Paris) Wednesday Cobb Salad with homemade croutons Leftover steak and red wine shiitake mushroom sauce Buttermilk mashed potatoes Sautéed Summer Squash Ribbons Thursday Leftover Cobb Salad Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta The pasta was from the site Katya linked a few posts back. I found several interesting-looking recipes there. The pasta didn't come out as well as the first thing I tried from the site: 30 Minute Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen. The ramen has been a great lunch dish.
  21. I needed some zucchini and yellow summer squash for a recipe and overbought to ensure I'd have enough. I'll keep this in mind as an idea and see how much excess I have. (It's frustrating not to have access to scales in the produce aisles while shopping. I didn't see any and didn't want to spend lots of extra time in the store searching, so I just grabbed extra produce.) Last night was a salad (spring mix, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, Craisins, marcona almonds; vinaigrette), more of the sourdough bread, broiled NY strip steaks, and bicolor corn on the cob (produce aisle impulse purchase, from Florida, okay for a cold Memorial Day weekend. While not exactly peak quality corn...summer's coming!)
  22. I don't know if they do corkage, but Belga on Barracks Row still has their greenhouses available. They are heated but I haven't been seated in one so I don't know if the heating is something built-in or that could be gone by now. Good luck!
  23. Last night was Jalapeno-Baked Fish with Roasted Potatoes and Tomatoes, Instant Pot pinto beans, wild rice, and sourdough bread. The leftovers of the fish (mahi mahi) will become tacos soon. Tortillas would have been more appropriate to accompany the fish, but I've got the bread to use. So, tacos it is for the leftovers. The dish was based on a Rick Bayless recipe from Mexican Everyday, but the version I had (from the Post) had at least one error in it, so I checked around online to make sure I had a solid version. The blog I relied on called for using avocado, which I liked with this. Friday night was more leftovers (sourdough bread, salad, and cavatappi, cheese, and sausage casserole) with one excellent addition: I decided to make asparagus bundles using deli ham and provolone. I blanched the asparagus for about a minute, quickly cooled it down, then wrapped a bunch of 3 in a ham slice and then wrapped a provolone slice around the outside and ran the bundles under the broiler until the cheese was melty and browning. A little mustard on the side of the ham facing the asparagus would have been a good extra touch. Since I'm the only one who likes mustard, I decided not to experiment. Next time.
  24. Last night was ciabatta rolls from the freezer with butter (me) or evoo (himself); supplemented leftover salad; and leftover cavatappi and sausage, etc., casserole. Tonight is more of the casserole, some sourdough bread from Whole Foods plus butter/evoo, and a romaine salad with cucumber, radishes, slivered onion, Campari tomatoes, avocado, and carrot with vinaigrette. Historically... Monday: Tortilla chips and guacamole Soup (leftover ravioli and mushrooms with carrot and Parmesan in chicken broth) Leftover salad; ranch Salmon patties on toasted English muffins; baby arugula, tomato; lemon caper sauce Shrimp cocktail from Whole Foods for me me me Tuesday: Salad (baby arugula, romaine, tomato, radishes, cucumbers, celery, carrot, feta or blue cheese) Whole wheat pita and roasted garlic hummus Leftover salmon burgers with lemon caper sauce, sliced tomatoes, and romaine Leftover sweet potato curry and brown rice
  25. That link works! Thanks. Looks fabulous. Last night was a big baked pasta casserole, which I think may be my favorite just regular old thing to cook. It used a bunch of stuff I needed to use, so yay. Cavatappi was the pasta layer. Then came a layer of hot sausage, onions, garlic, charred bell peppers, and cremini mushrooms. I'd precooked that mixture because I figured it would take the longest prep time and I was going to be at the Nats early afternoon game yesterday. On top of that was a cheesy layer of cottage, ricotta, Parmesan, mozzarella, and eggs. Then marinara sauce. (I used Rao's, with a coating on the bottom of the casserole too.) The top was additional shredded mozzarella and grated Parmesan. I used the baking time to make a salad: baby arugula, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, radishes, charred bell peppers + leftover beets; ranch. We also split a toasted poppy bagel. We had both gone to the Nats game the previous (late) afternoon. No extra innings but extra long nonetheless. I toasted two poppy bagels for that occasion and we finished the last of the linguine with spinach and goat cheese, with some leftover salmon mixed in. That dinner was on the table in record time.
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