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  1. Currently drinking a can of #46 India Pale Ale from Bluejacket, brewed in honor of the new 46th President.
  2. Oh, no. I hope your kitty's okay. Sounds worrisome.😿 Mundane here. We mostly had variations on leftovers tonight. Some new stuff provided the variations. Saffron gougeres Leftover sweet potato, kale, and black-eyed pea soup Leftover pork tenderloin Cranberry sauce Steamed green beans with toasted almonds and French’s fried onions Leftover corn pudding + steamed broccoli The gougeres were remaining from ones I picked up at Souk on NYE Day. They're starting to get dried out by this point. There were a dozen little ones but it seems like an endless supply since we've only
  3. OMG. This is good news. I'm having some trouble imagining this space as a cafe, but if they can get permitting, they could put tables on the sidewalk because it's a wide corner. The fire that finally closed that down was quite a while ago, and the work has been going on sporadically for a long time. That means two pizza places within a block. Wow. Pacci's will be opening a pizzeria a block away in the old Park Cafe space...but ditto (except for the fire).
  4. Tonight I finally made the Ina Garten creamy tomato bisque I'd been planning to make for meals over Christmas and didn't. Then it was supposed to be over New Year's and wasn't. I had the heavy cream for it, just waiting (and aging) and the leek (which, for some reason, has been a difficult to obtain item for me during the pandemic) but hadn't gotten it together to make the soup. So, tonight I made it, or, rather, I made a half recipe and it still yielded a lot of soup. My husband really enjoyed it. The recipe is from Modern Comfort Food. It was excellent, but I should have cut the various alli
  5. This was for lunch today and it was fantastic, kind of like a spicy Welsh Rarebit topped with a fried egg. The bread was a quick white sandwich bread from a recent edition of The Joy of Cooking. We also had salads: baby arugula, baby beets, walnuts, pomegranate arils, and feta or blue cheese. I had plain red wine vinegar as a dressing and my husband had ranch. Lots of bright colors in this meal.
  6. The particular model he bought (Duo Crisp + Air Fryer) has a sous vide setting. There's a line on the inside of the pot for the water fill. Still, it's different than the Sous Vide Supreme that I have (that was from a Christmas several years ago), so I still need to get used to it. The veal didn't cook evenly in the water. The sear made up for that, but I need to figure it out. The SVS has racks that you can use to keep the pouches upright so the seal stays above water. That machine has to be stored away to have counter space for the Instant Pot, and this is a different shape, so I don't
  7. I received another D'Artagnan order this week. One thing I like about ordering from them is that you can take advantage of whatever special they have and then order it to be shipped at any point in the next 30 days. One thing I am cautious about is ordering things that are frozen and expecting them to arrive in that state. That's why I skipped ordering anything over the summer. This offer had been free shipping. Instead of next day, they shipped it FedEx 2-day. (It arrived one day earlier than I requested, which was understandable because of the holidays, but the 2-day in transit thing wa
  8. We've been eating mostly leftovers, supplemented with a few new things. Sunday was odds and ends: Leftover chicken stew Leftover short ribs Leftover steak pie Leftover green beans Leftover beets and greens Yesterday: Quesadilla (mozzarella, extra sharp cheddar, serrano and garlic; sour cream; cilantro) Leftover baby arugula salad Leftover Asian chicken salad + additional clementine Leftover jambalaya; cilantro garnish Tonight: Baby arugula and baby beet salad, pomegranate arils, toasted slivered almonds, feta; white balsamic & beet vinaigrette Leftover
  9. Salad of baby arugula, figs, pomegranate arils, and shaved Pecorino Romano; white balsamic vinaigrette Baked pasta: leftover pipe rigate with chicken and mushroom ragu, topped with mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, Parmesan I was just going to heat the pasta in the microwave but the sauce seemed a little skimpy and I had excess tomato paste in the fridge I wanted to use, so I rounded out the sauce a bit more (tomato paste/red wine/water), added cheese, and baked it at 375 for half an hour. There's still quite a bit left. The salad was fantastic.
  10. I didn't want to make anything heavy and went for a variety instead, with several items along the lines of hors d'oeuvres. Warm feta-stuffed dates Shrimp cocktail Crackers, cheeses, and nuts Pastrami-rubbed short ribs Roasted beets and sautéed beet greens and stems with balsamic glaze & creme fraiche Green beans with bacon and French’s fried onions The short ribs were a Jeff Mauro recipe from Food Network. They cook in a low oven for 4+ hours. My husband loved them. (I got impatient after 4 hours and turned the heat up to get them across the finish line.) Excellent shor
  11. I've done that too! I forget which color it was I needed but they had none at Whole Foods, so I bought a mixed bottle and pulled enough out.
  12. Looks great. What did you do about the peppercorns?
  13. Broiled honey ricotta-topped figs over cinnamon-raisin toast points Leftover jambalaya Blackened salmon and broccoli rabe
  14. If the combination works with regular pie, no reason it couldn't with pizza. I'd be interested in how that goes in practice. We had pie last night: Steak, Mushroom, Onion, and Gruyere Pie from the Pie Shop on H Street. It was like a big pot pie. Reheating it made the kitchen smell real good. Accompanying it was oyster stew using the shucked oysters we got from District Fishwife. Whole milk and half and half for the stew came from South Mountain Creamery. The rest of the meal was shrimp cocktail, leftover sausage balls, and leftover onion rings. Oh, and there were oyster crackers
  15. I made a vat of jambalaya for tonight's meal. My husband had to take down the big stock/lobster pot from the upper cabinets and everything . It probably would have worked with a smaller pot but I wanted to give the ingredients space and didn't want to run the risk of spillover. This featured two kinds of chicken (breasts and thighs), two kinds of pork (andouille sausage and tasso), and shrimp. It turned out that a good amount of the basmati rice sunk to the bottom of the pot so there's going to be more of that in the leftovers than we got tonight. I had gotten fish stock in a delivery fro
  16. Spicy turkey patty melts and Utz potato chips today. The "spicy" was some Cava harissa I put into the ground meat. Used the dwindling supply of sourdough from Whole Foods since it was what I had. Very filling but good.
  17. These were thick cut and breaded. They were decent, but I enjoyed the first couple more than the subsequent ones. I was surprised at how many my husband scarfed down. I like to think I'm really more the onion ring consumer in the household . In short: They scratched the itch but weren't the best onion rings I've ever had.
  18. I have been craving onion rings something fierce. Whenever I make them from scratch, I can't keep the breading on right, and I just wanted bar food onion rings. So I added some to a Giant order today and baked off the whole bag. I had some with ranch and others with ketchup, because I couldn't recall what I usually do🤨. Ketchup was better. I had more of the mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts gratin too because that's the obvious accompaniment to onion rings. I also reheated the leftover pork tenderloin and fruit. My husband had some of everything. Oh, and I made him a small dessert of c
  19. This comment in the baking thread got me thinking. As a result, I'm having a lovely cranberry Hendrick's G+T with Fever Tree tonic. Not surprisingly, cranberry plays nicely with the cucumber in the gin. I just cooked down the cranberries in water with clementine peel and a pinch of salt. Did not add a sweetener.
  20. Pasta dinner last night: Sourdough bread and seasoned evoo Green leaf lettuce, Campari tomatoes, radishes, and cucumber; vinaigrette Braised chicken and mushroom ragu over pipe rigate The pasta is from Joy the Baker. I've made it a number of times before. My husband really likes this one. This time the sauce didn't seem quite as red; it somehow seemed different. Tasted the same, though, so far as I recall. I usually put more chicken in than it calls for but didn't this time, and that may be the difference.
  21. Still making our way through leftovers: brussels sprouts gratin, sweet potatoes and cranberries, and macaroni and cheese (fin!). The new item on the menu was a casserole I put together from kale, chicken breast, basmati rice, and cremini mushrooms. Also featuring evoo, onion, garlic, milk, cottage cheese, grated Parmesan, flour, s+p/hot pepper flakes/dried thyme and oregano. Near the end of the baking time I topped it with more Parmesan, homemade whole grain bread crumbs and chopped toasted cashews. This was pretty good for being what it was and used a bunch of things I had on hand. It, h
  22. Tonight: Sourdough bread and seasoned evoo Chicken cordon bleu Leftover green beans almondine Leftover mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts gratin Leftover sausage balls The bread was from a Whole Foods order. I seemed to recall they had decent sourdough but this was really flat. I really have to get back to baking bread. I used to bake so much but I just don't any more...The mashed potato nest for the sprouts was a repeat winner. The chicken was the only new thing I made. Came out pretty well. It used the last of some black forest ham from TJ's (which, in combination with needi
  23. We've had some interesting lunches recently. The last NRG order brought us par-baked everything bagels and we had them several days. A couple of the days that was with a platter of capers, cream cheese, red onion, and Ivy City Smokehouse smoked salmon to accompany leftovers of various sorts. I experimented with reheating solidified polenta and topping it with sauteed mushrooms and the leftover sauce from when I baked chicken topped with enchilada sauce and cheese. That worked great. More recently, I discovered that overly sweet pureed sweet potatoes could be tamed by mixing with a quick w
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