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  1. I hadn't thought of mortadella in meatballs before I tried the Giada DeLaurentiis recipe recently for mortadella meatball sliders. They were great. That called for a 2:1 ratio of ground pork to mortadella (no beef). Definitely try adding it. Last night I braised chicken thighs in a one-skillet meal: chicken, sliced mushrooms, shallot, potato chunks, grape tomatoes, and whole green beans. I kind of made this up as I went along. The liquid was a combination of the last of some homemade chicken stock and the last bit of some boxed broth. The green beans went in to steam with the lid on near the end of the cooking time. I'd gotten the beans from one of the vendors outside at Eastern Market on Saturday. They were really nice quality. I washed them and kept them intact for the dish. We also had some homemade garlic pita chips and Cava roasted garlic hummus.
  2. By coincidence I'm making something kind of like this for dinner tonight, but not as a salad. This looks gorgeous.
  3. But, the jukebox! 😟 I really liked this place. I hadn't been there in quite a while and didn't realize they were struggling. I guess that's part of the problem.
  4. The Nats seem to keep ping-ponging between having a glut of outfielders and not having enough. For most of his major league career, MAT has been the one to get playing time when other center fielders get hurt (Span/Revere/Eaton), but now he's the one who's out and, oh my. Things are looking shaky. Robles isn't quite ready for full-time work. Stevenson is the only other real option, and he's already on the 40-man roster. He's been ok or better than ok when he's played, and the Nats think he's promising. He's still only 24, and has room for improvement but also time on his side. (I'll stop the cliches now.) Hunter Jones seems to be the only other serviceable center fielder, but it's unlikely he'll get a spot on the 25-man roster. (The only plausible way he will make the big league team out of camp is if there's a further crisis, so that's not a rosy scenario.) Wilmer Difo played in center yesterday. He couldn't get the first ball hit out his way but did okay overall. I'm unsure of Davey's idea that Difo will make a good super-utility player, but I hope the notion pans out. Given the rise of Kieboom the Younger and Luis Garcia, expanding Difo's range further (OF/C) could work out for both him and the team. I'm starting this season with an open mind about Davey, so I'm rooting for this idea to work.
  5. Pulled pork nachos last night, topped with refried beans and sliced jalapenos. I had slow cooked the pork a couple days before with a sour ale, onion, dried spices, and bay leaf. Plus more salad from the night before.
  6. From 9 to 1 today, Souk is having what it calls The Big Bake, highlighting their French inspired pastries. Free coffee with purchase. It says "Sweet & Savory & New Creations." (I can't recall how I inserted the graphic ad in for the one above. This is the same type of promotion but I'm blanking on what I did before...)
  7. Last night was an eggplant and rigatoni dish from the NYT, served with roasted lamb shoulder. The recipe wasn't really that great. I might do something like it again using my own instincts rather than following that recipe. I thought the lamb was good along with it. We also had a salad of iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, and ranch.
  8. More pulled turkey sandwiches and slaw last night, plus buttered parsley potatoes.
  9. Baked chicken legs, steamed asparagus, and rice pilaf last night. I used homemade chicken stock to cook the pilaf. That's always a good choice when I have it available.
  10. Last night I made pulled turkey with homemade bbq sauce, served on whole wheat hamburger buns, with pickles, and a red cabbage and carrot slaw. I also baked some chicken legs, which I'd marinated in buttermilk. My husband had one of those too. I just stuck to sandwich and slaw. It was kind of like a midsummer grilling meal, but done inside in late winter. Summer's coming. Sixteen days till Opening Day!
  11. Ick. The joys of home ownership. The preparation for those yams sounds great, though!
  12. Tonight was baked chicken breasts; leftover wild rice and broccoli; green leaf lettuce with grape tomatoes and white wine vinaigrette; and, garlic naan. When our oven was malfunctioning (one of the times...) and the convection setting worked fine but not the conventional, I discovered that chicken done on convection comes out beautifully moist on the inside with a crispy brown skin, and in a shorter time. I remembered that tonight. Wow, that chicken was good.
  13. So, I made the Pesce alla ghiotta that TrelayneNYC posted the other day. It came out really well. I found the actual recipe from the book on google books. I used two pieces of cod about 8 oz. each. So glad you posted this! I served it with boiled yukon gold potatoes with butter and parsley and more of the salad from the day before, but with radishes added. We also had more of the garlic naan.
  14. I found Italian pine nuts again at the Alexandria Commons Giant, at the end of the produce aisle where the nuts and dried fruits are. Pricey but labelled "from Italy."
  15. I didn't feel like cooking last night and we didn't have much in the way of leftovers. Usually I have no trouble getting inspiration but I didn't have any. I stopped at TJ's to buy pita, and they were out of it, so I bought garlic naan and some grape tomatoes. Dinner was a spread of naan, Cava roasted garlic hummus, steamed broccoli, and baby carrots; wild rice with shallot and green pepper; and a salad of iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, green pepper, and avocado with bottled ranch dressing. The rice and vegetables were underseasoned, but this otherwise turned out fine.
  16. When I was young (single and low double digits) growing up in PA, there were two fancy places we'd go. (I'll call them "fancy" instead of fine dining.) One was the Newtown Squire, usually abbreviated to "The Squire," which was in our town and not to be confused with the diner of a similar name the next town over, and the other was the Drexelbrook Inn, which was a kind of country club-ish place available to people who lived in the development where my grandparents rented a townhouse. My memories of the latter are much dimmer than of the former; we went there rarely and I was very young. That is now a Holiday Inn with a lavish catering and events center. Back in the 50s and 60s, the development was considered pretty swanky. I was going to mention the family lore about how both Dick Clark and Ed McMahon lived up the big hill across the street from my grandparents at one point, but I see this article has already mentioned it, though they left out my grandparents. This place had a different kind of air about it than The Squire, which was refined but not exclusive* in the same way. It may sound odd, but even at a very young age I could feel the exclusivity at Drexelbrook. The Squire was where people went for special occasions, not just my family but other people we knew, our neighbors. I can't recall what I ate at The Squire, but I think it was mostly steak, potatoes, and shrimp cocktail. My parents would always let me order whatever I wanted when we went out, which was pretty special, come to think of it, especially since I gravitated to the most expensive items on the menu. I also recall being allowed to order for myself, directly communicating with the waiter. It may have changed later, but in my early memories, they only had waiters. (The cheaper family Italian place we went to had only waitresses. I recall finding it odd that the fancy places had all waiters and not waitresses.) Vintage postcard of The Squire via Amazon. *It's also a pretty safe bet that if there were non-white people at either of these places they were employees, not customers.
  17. My husband is having lunch at Fishnet today and reports that Fishnet has a pop-up in Baltimore starting Monday the 11th and lasting through the rest of the month. It's at a dedicated pop-up space @ 301 W 29th Street. 443-347-3570. They're apparently looking for a place in Baltimore to lease for a long-term presence.
  18. It will be interesting to see what happens to Harper for publicly trying to recruit Trout to the Phillies. Nothing might have happened, but the Angels made a formal complaint to MLB, which may change things. The crazy thing is that, regardless of where Harper signed, the likelihood Trout would go to the Phillies when he became a free agent in 2020 was already pretty high. Harper didn't need to do this. It sounds as though his conversations with Trout during his own free agency helped persuade Harper to go to Philly, so this was a weird unforced error (i.e., Trout wasn't the one who needed to be persuaded.) Presumably he was just inserting himself into Trout's situation to get attention. The way he's been talking, he sees himself as a LeBron-like character who is going to recruit all the best to play around him. (MLB does not need to become more like the NBA, in my opinion.) Last year MLB reprimanded Aaron Judge for commenting that Manny Machado would look good in pinstripes, which got me to look up news from the time to see if the Orioles complained. It looks like they didn't, just that it was so blatant it went right to MLB's attention. I had completely forgotten about Harper trying to recruit Giancarlo Stantion to the Nats back before Stanton signed an extension with the Marlins. MLB didn't punish him for that. Regardless of his behavior, over the past 7 years, MLB has seemed reluctant to punish Harper. Because there was a complaint of tampering filed by Trout's team, I think Harper will get at least a formal reprimand this time. A fine doesn't seem likely, maybe a small one.
  19. I improvised a good meal tonight. I made what I will call bruschetta pastry bites: pie dough in mini muffin tins, filled with minced basil and mozzarella cheese and topped with a cherry tomato half; and pesto penne with leftover pistachio pesto, crumbled merguez sausage, chopped cherry tomatoes, English peas, and Parmesan. I had an extra premade pie crust after I made spinach pie a couple days ago. I had put it in a ziploc back in the fridge because the dough had broken apart badly when I took it out of the box. (I've had this problem before with TJ's pie crusts.) It was the right amount to fill two 12 hole mini muffin tins with crust. This was really unbelievably good.
  20. Thanks. This looks like it might be an interesting dish to try. Last night we had more of the mortadella meatball sliders, plus chicken noodle soup from homemade stock, and potato chips.
  21. He died, which has been widely reported. This seems like one of those milestone deaths, one of the ones you don't anticipate or realize in advance how significant they are. This is the Post's TV critics take.
  22. How does the fish work out in a make-ahead preparation? I often have fish left after I make it the first time and then try to use it right away in something else. I can't recall making fish ahead of time to serve a day or two later. Last night I made the spinach pie I've been working on developing into an actual recipe. I had creme fraiche that needed to be used and put that into the filling as well as the usual cheeses, meat, etc.. I found it a little too wet. I didn't have the lamb merguez sausage I usually put in the pie so I made my own with some ground lamb and a Pierre Franey recipe. I made about a half recipe, which was more than I needed. Going to cook the rest of it up today. These are the amounts for a full sausage recipe: 1 ½ pounds ground lamb 1 teaspoon paprika [I used smoked] ½ teaspoon crushed dried, hot red pepper flakes 1 tablespoon olive oil Salt to taste if desired ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 teaspoon ground cumin 2 teaspoons finely minced garlic 1 tablespoon corn, peanut or vegetable oil [for cooking the sausage patties]
  23. I made a NY Times recipe for honey and harissa roasted brussels sprouts last night. I mixed the lemon into the coating for the sprouts, kind of by accident, but it worked well. I didn't make the relish. I put the shallot I had prepped for the relish before changing my mind into a kind of creamed spinach dish with creme fraiche and feta. Salad: green leaf lettuce, tomato, and cucumber with ranch. The various vegetable preparations were served with London broil. I made the meat the same way I've been doing it, but it was a little tougher this time than it has been.
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