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Bastille Day "DC Waiter Champagne Race" - July 14th at 9 AM at Medium Rare in Cleveland Park (Taking the Reins from Dominique's)


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On Bastille Day, July 14th at 9 AM, Medium Rare is rekindling the old Dominique's tradition of the "Waiter Champagne Race."

Each team (representing one restaurant) is comprised of 4 people, dressed in their restaurant's servers uniform. There will be various heats, and the winning team will be crowned by 11 AM.

The race will be 20-yards long, with the servers carrying trays of full Champagne glasses, and also serving and bussing a table without spillage or breakage.

Judging will be done by a celebrity panel (one of whom just might be someone you all know and love, hint, hint).

The winning team will receive a trophy and a $500 donation made on their behalf to the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Stiff competition will be expected from Michel Richard Citronelle and Central, whose servers are reportedly going to be taking Viagra with their mourning coffee.

If your restaurant is interested, please contact me (yes, I'm a sucker for charitable causes!) at donrockwell@dcdining.com, and plan on having your four best men and women showing up at Medium Rare, July 14th, at 9 AM sharp: bright, cheery, and with nerves of steel.

Only the strongest will survive.

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