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New Malaysia, Chinatown - Malaysian at 46-48 Bowery between Bayard and Canal Street

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I went to New Malaysia yesterday to try Asam Laksa for the first time, and chili crab for the first time. I ordered in Chinese, and the waitress promptly asked if I've had it before. When I responded no, she said it's hot and spicy, can I handle it? That actually sounds promising. I said of course I can handle the heat. When I asked for chili crabs, they said they don't have crabs, how about chili shrimp? I said okay. The laksa turned out to be pretty wimpy. I liked the flavor but wasn't in any way enchanted by the noodle soup, which had lots of sardine or anchovies in the soup. The shrimp was tasty, more sweet than spicy. The restaurant is in an arcade, but the interior is pretty nice, for a place in Chinatown.

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