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What Do You Guys Want - In Terms Of My Reviews?


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Daily reviews in the restaurant thread on donrockwell.com threads?

A weekly "Minibites" write-up, with a paragraph per restaurant, on dcdining.com, and a link from either Blog Central and/or the restaurant threads?

Daily reviews on dc.dining with a weekly wrap-up on Blog Central?

I'm leaning towards the second one. That way, you get the central location, the weekly review to look forward to, and the current link from each restaurant thread (and/or Blog Central). It gives all possibilities without being overbearing.

Or maybe something else?

In terms of what *I* want? I want to best serve the diners of the Washington, DC area. Residents, Tourists, Experts, Novices. I think it can all be done in this scenario.

Please let me know? I've worked so hard for this, and I want to get it right.

The DC Dining Guide rankings will not be affected by any of these.

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The second option---less work for you, easy to find for us, and an efficient cross-posting for new readers.

Consider some creative new indicators to include in the reviews as well. Call out bold superlatives more often, i.e, Best Business Lunch, Best First Impression, Most Kid-Friendly, Most Disappointing Plateware, Best Death Row Meal, or some creative new ways to think about these places that has not been described before.

P.S. What ever happened to the DR.com sticker idea?

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If not too much trouble, would really appreciate a short post (even if just the link to the dcdining post) in each pertinent restaurant thread here (and not just in Blog Central).

I hate to do this because people will get real tired, real quick, of opening a thread only to find a link to dcdining. This week alone, I've been to Eola, Dominion Deli, A&J, Tanpopo, Bar Pilar, Sichuan Jin River, Bistro Vivant, and Woodlands, and it's still only Friday morning. :) It would be nice to get some communication going, and it wouldn't be any trouble for me; but I think it would be a fair amount of trouble for the reader.

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I respectfully disagree! I often look through a thread when I'm thinking about whether to go to a place. If your reviews appear (or are linked) only from some other (general) forum or thread, I therefore won't see them when they will be most useful. My old brain won't be able to remember "oh yeah, Don said something about this restaurant a while back, let me go check the Blog Central forum or dcdining ..." (And you know it's all about me, right?)

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Don't ask us what we want. Surprise us with your bizarre genius. If Henry Ford had asked people what they want, they would have said "a faster horse." If Jose Andres had polled his customers, they would not have said "tapas" or "foie gras and cotton candy."

Does anyone fault Henry Ford and Jose Andres for trying to make a living? :)

Okay, I'm going to assume the answer is "no" cuz I'm gonna have to try to make this website sustainable, and I don't see Ed McMahon knocking at my door.

There may be a surprise or two coming, but hopefully *good* surprises, and really not all that surprising.

The really big surprise is that I haven't dropped dead running this thing for 7.5 years!

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I like the second option. But whatever makes you happier.

I don't always agree with your reviews but I always enjoy reading them. (The former because you're an old fuddy-duddy, and the latter because you're an old fuddy-duddy.)

Slightly punchy from too much carryout Chinese food,


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