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Templeton Rye - A Fraudulently Marketed "Whiskey" Manufactured by MGP of Indiana


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Just got an email from Bluegrass Tavern in Baltimore- they are planning a release of Templeton Rye next Tuesday night.
It's a great small batch rye whiskey from Templeton, Iowa. It was Al Capone's favorite whiskey during prohibition, and was only previously available in Iowa, Illinois, and most recently NYC and SF. Had some a year or so ago- great stuff. Glad to see it more available.
Any word on a release in the DC area?

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Alas, it was too good to be true.  Not small batch.  Not distilled from a Prohibition-era recipe.  And not distilled in Iowa by descendants of Capone's suppliers.

[Templeton co-owner] Kerkhoff said Tuesday that Templeton buys aged rye whiskey from MGP Ingredients and blends it with an "alcohol flavoring formulation" made by Clarendon Flavor Engineers of Louisville to achieve a profile similar to the whiskey his grandfather made during Prohibition. The blended product is then cut with distilled water and bottled in Templeton. 

"Templeton Rye Reaches Lawsuit Settlement, Will Pay Refunds" by Josh Noel on chicagotribune.com

Chuck Cowdery further vents his spleen here:

"Templeton Rye is Still Lying" by Chuck Cowdery on chuckcowdery.blogspot.com

Templeton class action settlement now at this website; individuals have until November 18 to file a claim.

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