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Professional Bartending School: Good Source for Caterers/Bars/Free to Employers


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To all those employers: The Professional Bartending School is an excellent source for employers. Our employment services are free to employers.

I just noticed that Ridgewells/Purple Tie hired at least 15 graduates for the Holiday Season, plus additional events. We did a blast for them in mid August. I think they are pretty well staffed up now for the holidays.

Our placement services do not charge for accessing our grads. We don't "do contracts" We do have a current data base of about 1300 graduates who are looking for employment, from parties and special events to part-time and full-time employment. We are expanding that.

Employers of all sorts throughout the DC metro region (and beyond) use our services ranging from looking for part-time to full time bartenders. The grads range from new to some with over a decade of experience. They received a 40 hour hands on program, TAM alcohol management training, and customer service training.

We don't claim they are the best bartenders in the world. ;) We know that. But they are great for training. We are fulfilling a request now for an "artisan" bartender/manager who will uptrain a grad or two.

Best way to contact us is through our job placement services: email at: pbsplacement@gmail.com or call for our job placement manager, Fatima at 703-841-9757. We also direct staff special events, catering, parties, etc.

We can screen graduates for you. We can blast out emails to a large volume of grads. We will shortly be able to screen by geography. We are expanding the contact list as our total graduate list is well over 10,000 in the last decade, although we have no idea how many are currently or would be willing to bartend.

Any questions or comments? I'll be happy to respond.


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With holiday season hitting us and caterers ramping up for hopefully a busy season I thought I'd bump this  (and ask for your forbearance).  We remain a tremendous source for bartenders/employees for caterers plus for folks looking for bartenders for events or catering.  

Our main line is 703 841 9700.  requests directly to our placement manager can go to pbsplacement@gmail.com   Happy holidays.

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As spring is around the corner, I wanted to add a little "plug" and an update along with some fairly recent actions.

The Professional Bartending School can be an excellent source for staffing.   Yesterday the bar school, and I heard from Justin, who had started a thread for staffing for a PT retail position at his beer and wine store in Bethesda.  We spoke yesterday.  Per his request we blasted his job request out to our grads who are interested in PT, FT work.   Today we heard from him.  He got about 10 leads.  His phone was busy.  We are recontacting grads and sending a new message.  Just contact the potential employer by email.

Also yesterday we blasted a message out to grads about another position.  This one was in SW DC  Later in the day we blasted to our grads another message.

I'm including the email while erasing the name of the business, and the contact:   We had to let grads know to STOP calling.  Our ability to generate job candidates is quite strong:.....

Grads, PLEASE stop calling NAME OF CONTACT, the owner of NAME OF EMPLOYER from the lead I sent earlier. His phone is blowing up for people wanting to apply. It's best to either COME IN for the OPEN INTERVIEWS 2/27/14 or APPLY ONLINE.

In both cases the employer will do the ultimate hiring.  The Professional Bartending School, though is very capable of delivering employee candidates to your Food and Beverage Place of Business.  Naturally our grads want to be bartenders, but many are looking for PT other work.   We cover the entire DC region with grads.

We are a GREAT source for caterers.  We are an excellent source for experienced and/or new bartenders.  Feel free to contact us.  http://bartending-school.com  You can also call us on our Employment line 703 841 9751 or email our Placement director, Heather at pbsplacement@gmail.com

All services for employers are free as they have been for the last 25 years  or so. :D

You can dm me for additional information.

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Just one more little plug about our activities on behalf of staffing in the f & b business:

Over 350 different bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs within Washington DC hired our grads in the last couple of years

We are reviewing some data and will publish some results in various places but our little bartending school, The Professional Bartending School,  (I've got to update this page) located in Arlington, and serving the DC metro area, since 1968 has always focused on placement, among other things.  We offer free placement services to all employers connected to the f & b industry.

In any case we reviewed data for a couple of years and found that well over 350 establishments in DC had hired our grads in that period.   That doesn't include caterers, events, ballparks or parties (which we also staff).  The restaurants, bars, etc. include the well known, places that are highly rated at dr.com and those places that are never referenced here   ;)

Some of those bars, restaurants, etc. contact us directly and we feed or filter the information to grads or select grads.  Some of the grads land jobs through contacts, experience, or other methods.

I think and believe our school stays in touch with more grads, and more employers than any such school in the country.  It enables us to have a huge list of potential candidates ranging from all new to deeply experienced, including some well known local mixologists.

If interested in using our  FREE placement services from the school feel free to email our placement services at pbsplacement@gmail.com, dm me here, or call the placement phone number at (703) 841 9757.

Our grads additionally work parties, events, weddings, connect with caterers etc.  They are often the same experienced personnel you will get from established caterers.  They are great for parties, weddings, events, corporate events, etc.

(btw:  In the last week alone we have made grads aware of bartending jobs at restaurants/bars/hotels in Sterling, Ashburn, Bethesda, Dupont Circle, U Street, Shaw, 2 in downtown, Capitol Hill, Manassas, plus a variety of catering and events)   we are very regional.

thank you!!

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