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Maple Syrup


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I don't know how this thread escaped creation before yesterday. [hitting the ephemeral 'like' button rapidly here].

Maple syrup is another one of those lifelong things. Like milkshakes or chicken parm.

Don's link is funny partly because it describes an almost-nostalgic honest crime. Rather than "mis-labeling" or bait and switch or all the other sorts of fraud and corruption that exist with food, this is just a straight-up theft, albeit of something with lower returns than, say, hitting up a bank.

Maple syrup is something that has always driven me crazy around the country because so many restaurants in so many regions have no idea what it is. So many states and towns think Aunt Jemima or whatever supermarket corn syrup monstrosity is maple syrup.

Real maple syrup is culinary alchemy for so many dishes whether savory or sweet. Syrup producing areas in Vermont, Canada, Wisconsin and elsewhere are like throwbacks to a different era. Tapping the trees. Boiling down the sap to syrup in shacks designed for the purpose out in the woods.

Best is to get it from the source; lots of fun. And, if that's not possible, I still favor the way it was packed and which we always got years ago before the plastic packaging that dominates the market today.


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