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Jason Wilson leaving the Post


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If you read his column, today was his last one.

I haven't always agreed with him, though in the past few years I've found that he's a fun, nice guy to hang out with in person. And I've enjoyed most of his writing, but it sounds like it's on his own terms with what he wants to do. I do wish him luck on his book about wine that he's writing.

I'll be curious if the Post hires someone to replace him, or just lets the column go away...

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I keep meaning to e-mail the food section to let them know how important his column was to my personal cocktail renaissance. I have numerous bottles I never would have purchased if I hadn't read his column. The multiple amari on my bar are directly due to his turning me on to the digestif. Ferrand curacao? Wilson's fault. Four Roses bourbon and Flor de Cana rum? Wilson. That I read multiple cocktail blogs and web sites now to keep up with trends and to get new ideas? JW.

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