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Gin Under Threat As New Fungus Decimates British Junipers


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Although the berries are mainly sourced in bulk from Eastern Europe where the disease has not yet spread, the recent emergence of a new strain of parasitic fungus phytophthora austrocedrae threatens much of the surviving juniper tree population in the UK.


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If ever a time cried out for a hero, that time is now.

Where, oh where, is this brave jongleur to weave his magic healing of song and bring nature back into it's sweet harmony?


I think we can safely say that the debate between who the more prophetic of folk singers was, Donovan or Dylan, is now unequivocally settled.

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Obviously, the entire European juniper fields must be dug up and replaced with resistant American root stock. If they're lucky enough to have been raised properly, our children in their old age will wistfully recall pre-phytophthora gin while shaking their heads at their modern martinis.

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