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Needed Next Weekend: A Crawfish Boil or Clam Bake for 30 in Springfield

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A trusted friend of mine is throwing a party for a young Marine Lieutenant on his way off to Afghanistan.

We need a clam bake or shellfish boil put together for 30 people on about one week's notice, as follows:

* Saturday, August 31st

* Back yard party

* 30 people

* 10 of them children

* $20-25 per person, but possible to go (reluctantly) higher if necessary

* In his own words, "I'm looking for a big boil of crawfish or shrimp, clams, maybe some other shellfish, and plenty of corn, potatoes and sausages."

Can anyone out there do this on such short notice? Please contact me ASAP if you want the work and can do a good job.


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