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Dover, Delaware


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The Atlantic Culinary Academy is there - maybe you could write them and ask [them to chime in here with a response]?

And they also have Careme's Restaurant if you want to try out the students. (*)

[boy, I was going to put any Wilmington, DE posts into the Philadelphia forum; I'm not sure what to do about Dover. It will either be a thread in Intrepid Traveler, or the individual entries will go in the Philadelphia forum - I'm leaning towards the latter because, well, why not? Doing that would be adding, not subtracting, information for the reader. Due to the bay, and location of the Bay Bridge, I think Philadelphia is more appropriate than Baltimore and Annapolis.]

An interesting factoid about the Academy: one of their departments is called the "Casino Career Institute." I guess Atlantic City may have some impact on them, eh?

(*) My apologies - Careme's is in their South Jersey campus (they have several campuses).

Curious how you get to Dover: do you go across the bridge, or not?

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About placement of this thread: I put it here because I was hoping to get something along the route (if not in Dover itself).  The route would be west on 50 from DC and over the bridge, then north on 301 to 454.  So it seemed more DC-centric.  Not that I expect any answers at all, so it's probably moot.  If there were a backup on the bridge I'd go north on 95 then south on DE 1.

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