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Bottega, Chef Sandy Smith and Owner Adrien Aeschilman's 20-Seat, Farm-to-Table BYOB in Charles North

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Richard Gorelick of The Baltimore Sun, reviews Bottega, a 20-seat (!) BYOB in Charles North.

"Bottega might make you think of Philadelphia, where there was an explosion about 10 years ago of tiny mom-and-pop BYOB restaurants, many of them about the postage-stamp size of Bottega, which seats around 20 people, tops. The boutique BYOB trend never really caught on in Baltimore, but with Bottega, you can see how a city full of diners fell in love with it."

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Bottega is indeed small. A hair bigger than most carryout joints. The menu is equally small. 10ish items in total between the appetizer, pasta, mains and desserts. The food overall was great. Pricewise, an amazing value as well. The pasta dish could have used more sauce, but with the prices as low as they are its just a quibble. A salted carmel pie dessert was the highlight, and I think only 3 or 4 dollars to boot. This place would not be unique in DC, except for its value and BYOB policy, but its definitely a standout in Baltimore.

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