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"The Bourbon Family Tree"� - A Extraordinarily Useful Chart of Distillers in GQ Magazine


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Assuming it's accurate, this is the most useful chart of Bourbon distillers I've ever seen. It has made the rounds on the internet recently, but I wanted to give it a permanent home here.

Kudos to Colin Spoelman for his brilliant rendition of:

1) The 9 Corporate Owners

2) The 13 Distillers

And their "family tree" of Bourbons - incomplete, but complete enough to be very useful. It's a simple, easy-to-read, well-designed chart for anyone wanting to reference Bourbon. I'll go so far as to say that it's groundbreaking (assuming, of course, that it hasn't been done before).

Here it is. Bookmark it, and refer to it, over and over again.

"The Bourbon Family Tree" drawn by Colin Spoelman, explained by David Haskell, on gq.com

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Yup, I posted about it. It's a great chart. Even better: LDI used to be so mysterious, but there's a great follow up blog post by a well known whiskey blogger whose name I'm blanking on about how MGP (who owns it now) is so much more open...I'll post the link and attribution when I get a chance.

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