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Sullivan's Steakhouse, a Texas-Based Steakhouse Chain on E. Pratt Street at the Inner Harbor

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Competing with 10,000 religion scholars for table space near the convention center this past Sunday, we settled on the bar at Sullivan's Steakhouse for drinks and a few bar entrees. I have no idea what the food is like in the rest of the place, or the chain at large--it wasn't suitable for our wallets or appetites--but with the Thursday and Sunday deal of $7 each for all happy hour items, we figured it was a reasonably safe bet. We both had well-made manhattans, served by our skilled bartender. Bob's burger was decent, served with respectable fries. My tavern sliced steak with a light mushroom sauce was lean, and while cooked past the medium-rare I requested, an extraordinary bargain. For two drinks each, an appetizer and two entrees, we got out for just over $60 with tip. Not a destination by any means, but you can do a lot worse than this for a lot more money in that area.

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