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Judy Rodgers of Zuni Cafe Passes Away At Age 57


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Tragically, Chef Rodgers passed away yesterday, quite possibly from her battle with cancer.

SFist has the details here.

Between her and Charlie Trotter, we've really lost two giants in the past month. I consider myself very fortunate to have dined at their restaurants; in no way is that any solace for this huge loss.

Thank you, Judy Rodgers and Charlie Trotter, for all you've done for so many people.

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So sad to hear this. When in San Francisco a couple of years ago, Bob and I passed up far more trendy places to dine on her sublime roast chicken and bread salad (which I replicated semi-successfully a month later for Christmas dinner). Few restaurants have been as consistent over many years as Zuni, and as resistant to easy trend-chasing.

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