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Acme Pie Company and Pastry Chef Sol Schott


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Acme Pie Company Pies.  OMG!!!   YUM.    Acme Pie Company Website and article about Acme and the chef in ArlNow

This is the 2nd time I've had a slice of an Acme Pie that are now available at the Java Shack.  It left me in tears of delight...and especially today on a cold, damp and dreary day.  How perfect with the Autumn brew coffee today at Java Shack.

Today I had the apple cranberry.   Perfection.  Scrumptious crust of perfect proportions and thickness against the firm slightly tart and sweet apple cranberry mixture.

Dang I could have scarfed down an entire pie today.   These are terrific.   Acme is distributing their pies in a number of outlets and their website and the article describes how to get a hold of them.

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Today I had a relative newcomer to Acme Pie's creatiions; a WinterBerry pie.  My god that was scrumptious.  I'd heard about it from the staff at Java Shack.  They were raving about it.  When I stopped by early in the day for coffee Mr. Pie Guy, himself, Sol, was delivering pies and distributing them among those restaurants and distribution centers among local markets.  This list may not be current but his pies are being distributed here via his website

The WinterBerry pie is unbelievable.  Astonishing combination of wondrous berry flavors surrounded by a spectacular crust.  Sol has a small truck in which he installed a multi level racks.  So he can quickly make his rounds and get out a nice quantity of these pies.  They seem to go fast as at least Java Shack moves a lot of them rapidly and he needs to regularly replenish their inventory.

Sol additionally described that upon developing the WinterBerry pie the first time around he had to continue to work on it to keep the inside firm and consistent.  I can vouch that it worked perfectly.  Imagine that, his Winterberry treat was getting raves and it had yet to be improved upon....and it has.

In any case after a vicious winter it was an utter pleasure to work through that pie with an accompanying cup of coffee while sitting outside in pleasant weather.

Thank you Sol, and thank you calendar for finally getting around to Spring.  I hope it lasts.

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